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Ciao dearies,

As the end of the year is coming closer and closer I am getting ready for my New Years resolutions! Christmas is pretty much around the corner already and NYE is not far behind. So I thought it was time to get ready for 2016!

After failing Insanity, 2 times, not completing the Gluteal Goddess schedule from Bret Contreras and than not finishing the Bikini Body Guide, I decided to go for a different approach next year. I am going to do sports and activities that I actually like! Maybe combine different schedules or make my own. But one of the activities I definitely want to do more of is Yoga! When I did a 30-days of Yoga schedule with youtube videos from Yoga with Adriene I was happy! I liked doing Yoga and it made me feel better about myself, I noticed differences in my posture and my flexibility. And so therefore I want to continue this and get better in it! See what yoga can do for me my fitness, my mental health and my lifestyle.

Well one thing I need for this New Years resolution to work is a good yogamat! And so I stumbled upon*, the only website selling Manduka* items in the Netherlands…

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