Trend report: How to wear Black and White

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Hi babes,

Do you know what I think about, when I think about the black and white trend? White sneakers! So today I want to talk a little bit about this trend and how I wear white sneakers in a Black and White look.

I must say I can be a little bit afraid to go for a duo chrome look sometimes. Styling is key! A B&W outfit can become boring or plain pretty quickly. But with a stylish pair of white sneakers, your black and white outfit is going to be on point!

You can find some perfect white sneakers, or black if you prefer, over here!

How to style a Black and White look

There are a lot of ways to style a white pair of sneakers within a black and white look. A classic way to style your white sneakers is to pair it with a black jeans, white t-shirt and  a leather jacket. Another classic is to wear white sneakers with a black sweater dress and, again, a leather jacket. But of course you can mix it up! For example go for a white silky blouse instead of a t-shirt and finish the look with a hat, just like I did for this outfit! Another idea is to go for an all white look with black accessories. Which can also be very beautiful! If you want to pull this of make sure all the white items are the same shade of white, for that crispy clean look!

My personal favourite way to style white sneakers in a B&W? White sneakers, black leather pants, a slouchy black cashmere sweater with v-neck, a long white coat, a black choker and a fancy black handbag. How would you style white sneakers in a black and white look? Let me know in the comments!


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