Denim on Denim – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies,

Today in Holland it’s Liberation day, a day in which we celebrate how we won back our freedom as a country after the second world war. Probably non of my readers have lived through this war but you might have been in contact with other wars or struggles your country has been in. Today I am extra grateful for the freedom given to us by our great-grandparents and everything who fought for freedom during this horrible war. I hope that, who you are, wherever you are, that you are free and that you may enjoy your freedom. That you have freedom of speech, freedom of your thoughts, religion and lifestyle. If you are not, I pray for you to receive the freedom you deserve <3

Now about my look. It’s not rebellious, it has not much to do with freedom except for the freedom to express myself…

A denim on denim outfit this time. A denim jacket with a meaning, my own made up term Sarandipity (Serendipity + Saranda) a koi carp and a lotus flower. The meaning of these symbols together: “Lotus flowers are commonly depicted in tattoos. These flowers grow in a muddy pond but develop into a beautiful flower which is much loved. The lotus is often paired with a koi which can take on a variety of meanings. This tattoo may represent purity, struggle or a change in life. The lotus with the koi may also represent struggle, determination or inevitable success.” Quote

In this outfit I am wearing my personalized denim jacket by Pepe Jeans, a white blouse from H&M with underneath it a blue t-shirt bra from Victoria’s Secret, denim jeans from WE Fashion, bag from VANS and chelsea boots from ASOS.

What do you think of this denim on denim outfit?! Let me know in a comment 🙂


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Joining the army – Outfit post



It’s getting colder, wetter and darker every day and this makes outfit shooting not the easiest blogging job there is. Maybe I should toughen up a little bit, getting somewhat stronger and learning to appreciate the cold?! For this look I decided that joining the army might be a good idea to conquer this winter weather haha 😉

With the cold weather my wardrobe changes as well, of course it does! But I still try to combine items to create looks that show my mood and show how I want to come across. In this look there are a couple things I want to show you about winter fashion. Things I want to do to inspire you to dress up and show people the best version of yourself! First of all I want to tell you that layering up is great, but you should not try to hide yourself and your body within tons of sweaters. I myself feel better about myself when I am showing some of my curves, when you can see a bit of my body shape. This makes me feel more confident! For this body shape, a pair of heels (short of tall) can make a huge difference as well. When wearing heels I feel like I can conquer the world! 😀

Besides this, stocking up on some fashionable fluffy sweaters is also a must, as I have seen a lot of really pretty once this year, while last year I could not find any!

In this outfit I am wearing a sweater by NIKKIE Plessen, Army pants from H&M, DUO leather boots, Baby G sports watch, Vans shoulderbag.

A comfy yet strong and sexy outfit is what I was going for and I am really curious to find out what you all think of this look! And what do you think of my new watch?! I will tell you some more about it later 🙂


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Turquoise waters – Outfit post

fashion-outfit-ootd-blogger-firenze-arno-turquoise waters-acqua-river-nature-moda-sarandipity5


When you are reading this I probably am already of to work! Working at H&M is a lot of fun and I am really happy that I have this job besides my blog 🙂 Today I am showing you my second Firenze look with a lot of turquoise , turqoise is my favorite gemstone and one of my all time favorite colors (next to pastels like pink and mint hihi). With this Turquoise waters outfit post I want to show you how I try to add my favorite gem into my daily accessories and wardrobe!

I know it’s a summery look but hey in Firenze the weather is still pretty good and although it rains a lot here in holland (oh how I wish those raindrops looked more like these turquoise waters ;)) the temperature is still pretty good!

When we (me and my lovely photographers Diego & Shawn, miss you guys!) were shooting this look I wanted to get creative. Show some nature and feeling. I felt so free in Firenze, free of all the stress from my daily life. Wearing my favorite color and gemstone in a lot of different items from this look made me really happy as well. It was the perfect look to share you my emotional state when I was in the magnificent city of Firenze. Shooting this outfit on / in the Arno river made it all perfect. The setting, my mood, my outfit, the turquoise waters and blueish-green colors surrounding me, it connected… Well at least it did in my eyes!

And so I can not wait to find out what YOUR opinion is about this look? Do you get the same free feeling? Besides that I am also wandering what your favorite gemstone is… So let me know in a comment!

I am wearing sunglasses from VANS; necklace by Karma Mantra; top by H&M; shorts from ASOS; bracelet from Noosa Amsterdam.

Have a lovely day ragazzi!


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Friday Favorites: Sunglasses


Hi dearies,

Sunglasses are probably THE ultimate fashion accessory during summer times. First of all, you just NEED them because else you get blinded by the sunshine and second of all they come in tons of different styles and shapes!

Yay for sunglasses! Today I want to share some of my favorite sunglasses with you. To be honest I can never have enough sunnies! They are easy to take with you, easy to switch, sunglasses can upgrade your total look and they have a nice effect one your overall appearance.

That is also the reason why I tend to have a lot of different types of sunglasses in my collection. For example the first one on the picture above is a more fierce, casual type of sunglasses, which is perfect to spice up a simple look. Also I just love the mirrored glasses! This aviator type sunglasses is from Marma London, sponsored by bckspace | eyewear.

Another one of my favorites is my VANS cat-eye glasses. Super low-maintenance, easy to take with me everywhere and one that matches with almost every outfit. I got this one from Ganbaroo and I have worn them a lot (understatement) since that day.

I also still have my golden oldie from VOGUE eyewear which has a HUGE jet-set feel to it if you ask me… And last but not least the pink sunnies I wrote about earlier from AM Eyewear. Sophisticated, chic and different, I love it!

Which one of these sunglasses do you love best?


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Monochromatic hippie – Outfit post

outfit fashion blog blogger sarandipity vans sunglasses
Hi lovely followers,

Time for a new hippie boho outfit! Today I am showing you the look I wore to the launch event 1,5 weeks ago. Since I did not know what the weather would do that day I decided that I needed a layered outfit with a jacket should it become cold. I must admit that I seem to be only wearing jeans and while I love jeans I love skirts as well. I just don’t feel very comfortable in skirt when the weather isn’t good and well, I am a comfy kind of girl!

Because the event was pretty chique, it was a launch from a new website and it was at a rooftop bar (hell yes!) I wanted my look to be fun, sexy but not to playful and it had to be kind of simple and down to earth as well. I decided to wear a black and white outfit with some see-through, sporty chic sunnies and a pop of color. By the way, apparently see-through was part of a secret dress code because when talking to some bloggers I noticed that I wasn’t the only one showing some bra haha 😉

Well what am I wearing then? I am wearing a top from H&M (pretty old collection), jeans from Noisy May (oh I am so in love with these jeans!!), my Nike sneaker heels, VANS sunglasses, Calvin Klein necklace, My Mochila bag, Ikki Watch and My Mochila bracelets.

Let me know what you think of this look by leaving a comment 🙂

xoxo Saranda

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