Birthday wishlist


Ciao dearies,

In 2 days I will be turning 25 already – yes I’m getting old 😉 – and I notice every year how hard it is to come up with ideas for on your wishlist. Some things you just want to buy yourself, or you are thinking of items that are on your birthday wishlist but probably are too expensive to ask.

Today I wanted to show you my wishlist, just to share some items that I am ab-so-freaking-lutely craving. Like the #GIRLGANG denim jacket from my Isabelli and the Ivy & Liv Fireflies earrings.

Some of these items like the Olympus PEN camera and the tattoo are things I am sort of saving for, on the side. And during fashion week I spotted the Liu Jo backpack on Negin Mirsalehi and now I am madly in love! These are things that I really like at this moment. Items that are a little bid edgy, raw but still sophisticated. And the camera, well I tried vlogging with a DSLR and a semi-pro lens, but for me it just does not really work. The DSLR is just to heavy for shooting vlogs I think!

Okay of course this are a lot of first world problems and I already have a lot of stuff which I am really grateful for. I was not at all joking when I said I think it is hard to ask for stuff on your birthday. When someone asks me what my wishes are I tend to not know, because I already have that much!

However the biggest thing on my wishlist is something that I already ordered myself… A new phone! The iPhone 6s Plus to be exact!


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