Insta-Sarandipity #7

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Ciao dearies,

It is Monday again so time for a personal blog, this week it’s time for a little Instagram update. Enjoy this weeks Insta-Sarandipity! I have been instagramming a little less lately as I am pretty busy with work. And sometimes I just don’t have a cool photo to share haha. I am thinking of maybe doing more throwbacks… What do you think? So last two weeks I didn’t do a lot of things outside of working very hard, shooting new looks and visiting the opening event of the MIPACHA store in Amsterdam!

At work I am having a lot of fun though! Sometimes me and my colleague’s try on items from the shop and 2 weeks back I wore a whole outfit with items from the store! (Photos 3 & 4) Ever since trying on the Isabel Marant sneakers I want them super badly, so that is something I am going to put on my wishlist! Besides my work in the store I also started some freelance work and I have some cool new collaborations on the blog these past couple of weeks! I started working for BLQE geneve (photo 1, bracelets on the right) and had a collab with Flux Universe (bracelet on photo 2 and 6) and a collab with Daniel Wellington (photo 6 and 7)! (Use discount code ‘SarandaAdriana’ before the 15th of April to get 15% discount on your order at Daniel Wellington!)

Of course I also celebrated easter and around easter I shared the outfit of photo 8 with you all. I am still so much in love with this look. I am showing some new items like my scarf from I’ll Make You Famous (a dutch brand which we sell in the shop I work) and my sunglasses from TOMS* (via UPR). Also I visited the store opening of the first MIPACHA store! I have always loved the shoes from MIPACHA’s and I am super excited to tell you that in the store you can also buy handbags and belts from MIPACHA. You should definitely visit the MIPACHA store in Amsterdam or the Hague soon! 🙂

Lastly I have a little question for you all. I discovered a new way of making pictures of my accessories like bracelet and watches for my blog. What do you think of these new styled detail shots of my wrists? (Photo 1 & 6) Please let me know as I personally really dig this style of showing you my bracelets and watches!

Have a happy week!


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Sarandipity 2.0 is coming closer and closer!

Good evening dearies!

OMG I am soooo excited at the moment! Not only will the Holland -Argentina match start in a few minutes. It’s also almost the time to say goodbye to blogger and hop on the WordPress express for Sarandipity 2.0.

Right now my lay-out is almost finished, just some little things left to do. The biggest things I still need to do are fixing my old blogposts, which are a lot, I have actually already written around 450 blogposts, WOW! And besides that completing one of the things that are new on Sarandipity 2.0

So let me tell you a bit more about some of the new things on my new website!

Mostly I am super excited to be able to merge my passion and my professional live in a better way with my new website. There will be a page with my CV, portfolio and the possibility to connect with me on LinkedIn. Since I am still looking for the dream job / and possibilities to become a freelance fashion journalist I hope this will give my fashion career a boost.

Transfering my blog to WordPress does mean that you won’t be able to follow me through Google Friend Connect anymore. If you did not follow me on Bloglovin already this would be the time to also start following Sarandipity on Bloglovin 🙂

Having said this, I will now be working on my new website again!
Besides fixing the last things I will also start writing new exciting content for you.

Stay tuned dear followers!!

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Sarandipity weekly

sarandipity diary fashion blog maleficent andy wolf eyewear isabelli my mochila hed kandi blque loreal
Hi there!

Enjoying your weekend so far? I most certainly am! Last week I have done a lot of different things and today I want to give you just a little bit of insight what I did these past couple of days 🙂

As you know I now work for Isabelli as an intern and on Sunday we had a stand at the Hed Kandi hippie market in the Amsterdam Opera House. This place was just gorgeous and we had a great time as we also could do a little partying, woohoo! 😀 Besides working and partying I also did some other nice things this week…

Read on for the full ‘diary’ of last week. The Sarandipity weekly!

xoxo Saranda

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #10

summer inspiration bohotats beach waves bikinis shells fashion blog sarandipity

Hi everyone,

It’s super hot in Holland and in the mean time I am trying to blog as much as I can and trying to focus on my other responsibilities as well. As it’s Wednesday it’s time for a lovely summer pinspiration post. All about the sunny weather (with some rainy / stormy moments haha), the beach (oh I love going to the beach), gorgeous waves and more.

I love summer time as it’s a moment in which I feel free, free to take my time, to enjoy and to relax. Right now I do not yet have holiday plans but I might go on a Italian language course in Florence or Milan. Which city do you vote for, because I am in so much doubt haha. Let me know in a comment which would be your first choice!

Besides this plan I hope to go on a little roadtrip to Spain later this year, probably after the summer vacation. Just back to basics with my boyfriend, our tent and two large backpacks… What are your summer plans?

For the ultimate summer accessory I am currently in love with Bohotats! You can see one on the collage above and they come in much more different metallic tattoos as well. Check out the Summer Lookbook from Isabelli to see all of the products!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

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Skater girl meets Vogue – Outfit post

outfit ootd sarandipity skater vogue cap
Hi there!

I am a little bit anxious and nervous about showing you this outfit. When I went shooting with Raquel a couple weeks ago I wanted to do one look which was a little bit different from my normal outfits. I borrowed my little brothers cap (no idea why there is a huge letter P on it haha) and I packed my VOGUE tee. Without a whole look figured out and just some random clothes with me (of course I also had two looks completely figured out already) I went to my friends place.

After shooting the other outfits I still was not quite sure about the VOGUE tee in combi with the cap and so we did a little dressing up with different items from myself and her wardrobe.

For the look I borrowed a faux leather skirt from her and I really liked the look. It was a little bit skater girl-ish and I could remember the old days when I was chilling at a skate park haha. Too bad I did not really have matching sneakers or something and so I borrowed creeper All-stars from Raquel. Now I don’t hate All-stars at all but I must admit that I doubted posting this look for a while. I love how the photos turned out and I really like the outfit itself… I just don’t really like these All-stars with it and I must say I am not super comfortable posting this.

Never the less I am super curious to find out your opinion so let me know what you think!


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