Personal: My passions Fashion & Psychology

sarandaadrian passion fashion psychology

Ciao dearies,

I have always loved fashion! Not always had it been something I was busy with consciously but looking back at my life I have always been sort of busy with it. Today I am telling you all about my passion for fashion, psychology and my view of Fashion & Psychology.

Because did you know that Fashion and Psychology have much more in common than you might think? There are whole studies about fashion psychology actually…

Hope you will like it! Enjoy and let me know what you think afterwards ^^


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Personal: Happy Challenge week #3

happy challenge visualize inspire fashion psychology culture travel milano dreams hopes goals wishes
Hi there,

Time for part three of the Happy Challenge. This time it is all about making your dreams and wishes visual. With this challenge I decided to focus on what my dreams and goals are right now and a little bit for the future but not for my whole life. I guess I like changes and therefore nothing is determined yet as where I will eventually end up haha.

So let’s make it visual!

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Graduation – Outfit post

Hi everyone,

As promised I have some outfit shots from my graduation look and some graduation photo’s as well! 🙂 It’s not a HUGE post, but I do hope you like it. Most of all I am curious to find out what you guys think of my graduation look! Please let me know!

Tomorrow I will show you my first Amsterdam Fashion Week photo’s and a short review from the first day and first show, so stay tuned!!! I can already tell you I made some nice photo’s and I met a lot of fellow bloggers! 

Ciao ragazzi!

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Signing my diploma! 🙂

 With my mom and my diploma! I am an Applied Psychologist!!!

I was wearing skater dress by Little Mistress (Dress), peep toe pumps and bag by MANGO (Pumps & Bag).