Wednesday’s Pinspiration #14

Wednesdays Pinspiration Spring 2015 inspirational collage dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana

Ciao dearies,

Although the sun is not yet shining every day, spring is officially here and I thought it would be time to celebrate this with a little bit of spring inspiration!

I am still madly in love with pastels and I don’t think this love affair will end anytime soon. Combining pastels with black and white is easy with my current wardrobe but I still can use some statement items like the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Paris (or the Milano version, I am still in doubt!). And some items from the H&M Studio collection.

Besides my spring wardrobe that needs a little bit of updating, hehe, I am also looking forward to making some amazing trips again. Small ones or bigger ones. So far there are no definite plans, but I might visit Paris next week and I hope to be able to go on some new adventures with my love this spring / summer again as well. Only the idea of planning trips together gives me a whole bunch of new inspiration already! ^^

What do you think of the items seen in this Wednesday’s Pinspiration collage?


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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #11

italy travel language italian lifestyle learn grow adventure enjoy blog

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday means time for a short break to regain some energy and inspiration! Today the Pinspiration is all about my plans for this summer! I would love to and probably will go to Italy to learn the Italian language! You might have already spotted the Florence or Milan question several times on my blog or on my social media but I think I pretty much made up my mind.

I guess, Florence it is! But hey, nothing is decided yet. I still need to arrange everything and I am also still doubting whether or not I will also go to Milan for a couple of days to a week. As a fashion blogger I would love to be able to be there when it’s Fashion Week.

Besides that I really want the weeks I am going there to be a big adventure! I think adventures indeed are the best way to learn since you are on your own, in a different country, meeting new people, learning a new language and above all I think you grow as a person and also on a professional level.

In 2012 I went to Indonesia to teach in a summer school and that holiday I did not only learn the kids over there something, I also learned a lot myself and I think since then I have grown a lot as a person. During the summer it’s the perfect time to work on this you really love and so these are my summer plans so far. Going to absorb the Italian language and culture. Maybe I will also go on an all pleasure vacation. Probably me and my boyfriend will go to Spain with our tent and have a mini roadtrip or something.. We’ll see 😉

What are your summer plans?

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #10

summer inspiration bohotats beach waves bikinis shells fashion blog sarandipity

Hi everyone,

It’s super hot in Holland and in the mean time I am trying to blog as much as I can and trying to focus on my other responsibilities as well. As it’s Wednesday it’s time for a lovely summer pinspiration post. All about the sunny weather (with some rainy / stormy moments haha), the beach (oh I love going to the beach), gorgeous waves and more.

I love summer time as it’s a moment in which I feel free, free to take my time, to enjoy and to relax. Right now I do not yet have holiday plans but I might go on a Italian language course in Florence or Milan. Which city do you vote for, because I am in so much doubt haha. Let me know in a comment which would be your first choice!

Besides this plan I hope to go on a little roadtrip to Spain later this year, probably after the summer vacation. Just back to basics with my boyfriend, our tent and two large backpacks… What are your summer plans?

For the ultimate summer accessory I am currently in love with Bohotats! You can see one on the collage above and they come in much more different metallic tattoos as well. Check out the Summer Lookbook from Isabelli to see all of the products!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #9

boho bohemian ibiza hippy chic summer my mochila inspiration fashion sarandipity blog dutch amsterdam blogger

Happy Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week so time for some lovely inspiration to get you through the last three working days! Today my Wednesdays Pinspiration article is very bohemian chic. I have always loved fashion with a story and a background. For example the Mi Pacha shoes Mochila bags from My Mochila by Isabelli! <3 I love that ethnic fashion is easy to combine with basic outfits, other ethnic fashion trends and that is mostly super colorful. The collage you can see above shows how you can easily match boho chic items with Indian style bracelets, Colombian Mochila’s and Ibiza style hairbands. Woven items, silver embellished jewelry, lace, feathers, dreamcatchers and leather make a great combination.  Wearing some of this bohemian items you can make every outfit festival and summer ready! I know for sure that I have found a new love in boho fashion, and how about you?

xoxo Saranda

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #8

fitspo fitness inspiration yoga nike get lean healthy blog blogger sarandipity fashion
Happy & healthy Wednesday,
how are you all doing? Big news, ah well not really but I am proud of it, I finally went to the gym again last week. Since I suffer a lot from headaches and neck paines I decided: “NO MORE”. I won’t let this stuff control me anymore and I will take back control. I am pretty happy with my body and no I do not think I need to lose weight, but I do want to get in shape and get more healthy.  So that’s why I decided to dedicate this Wednesday’s Pinspiration post to #fitspo 😉 Cool fitness and health inspiration that might get you inspired as well if you still need that extra push!  I believe that going to the gym might suck sometimes, for example when it’s raining heavily but you still have to / want to go and you can only go by bicycle (not at all something I experienced last week ;)) but hard work pays of. Trust me if I am telling you that you will do your precious body a HUGE favor by keeping it healthy and strong. Personally I will try to strenghten my back, neck and shoulders but while I am already there I will also focus on my core and my knees and legs. At the moment I don’t have specific goals yet since I am already pretty proud of the fact that I am going and so I bought two stunning sport bra’s from Nike (the ones from the #fitspo collage). Cute sportswear like this just make me want to hit the gym again a.s.a.p when these two come in! How about you guys, do you do fitness, yoga or something else? Let me know in a comment and have a nice day!!
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