Cool as Ice – Outfit post


Hi there,

I am back, again with a new outfit post! At the moment I am super busy with loads of different things so that’s why I am not blogging that consistently right now. I do hope to change that from today on, since tomorrow one of the current projects will finish and I will of course have more time left now! Because of all the different things I am super chaotic and I am trying to also get this chaos a little bit more organized. It’s needed to have a little bit more structure, I can tell you that much haha.

So today I want to show you the outfit I was wearing to the Mr Goodiebag event I went to with Britt. First I wanted to wear my grew puffy skirt with this top and shoes but it did not feel quite right. It felt somewhat uncomfortable and not me. While we were waiting for the train in Santpoort to arrive I switch to these black jeans from Noisy May, way better if you ask me.

Wearing this look was perfect for the weather at the time this look was shoot and I felt like the look was also showing my mood. The look is play-full and fierce while showing a little bit of skin but not showing my eyes. I was pretty tired after a long day of work at the beach and a lot of fun with one of my best blogger babes Britt. Besides that I was looking forward to seeing other blogger babes like Dagmar and Anne and the event of course!

In this outfit I am wearing one of my favorite glasses from Marma London (thanks to bckspace | eyewear, go check out their website!) top from Primark, jeans from Noisy May (thanks to Noisy May & ilovefashionbloggers), Nike airmax 1 premium glacier ice, Balenciaga bag (borrowed from Britt haha). Besides that I am also wearing some Bohotats from my Isabelli!

Let me know what you think of this look!
xoxo Saranda

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Skater girl meets Vogue – Outfit post

outfit ootd sarandipity skater vogue cap
Hi there!

I am a little bit anxious and nervous about showing you this outfit. When I went shooting with Raquel a couple weeks ago I wanted to do one look which was a little bit different from my normal outfits. I borrowed my little brothers cap (no idea why there is a huge letter P on it haha) and I packed my VOGUE tee. Without a whole look figured out and just some random clothes with me (of course I also had two looks completely figured out already) I went to my friends place.

After shooting the other outfits I still was not quite sure about the VOGUE tee in combi with the cap and so we did a little dressing up with different items from myself and her wardrobe.

For the look I borrowed a faux leather skirt from her and I really liked the look. It was a little bit skater girl-ish and I could remember the old days when I was chilling at a skate park haha. Too bad I did not really have matching sneakers or something and so I borrowed creeper All-stars from Raquel. Now I don’t hate All-stars at all but I must admit that I doubted posting this look for a while. I love how the photos turned out and I really like the outfit itself… I just don’t really like these All-stars with it and I must say I am not super comfortable posting this.

Never the less I am super curious to find out your opinion so let me know what you think!


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Outfit recap March until now

patrizia pepe my mochila H&M noisy may fashion ootd blogger

It has been a while since the last time I did an outfit recap but with the summer looks coming up I thought it was time to show you most of my outfits from March till now.

What I am noticing is that one thing that comes back in each and every outfit that the looks are feminine with a fierce touch. Turns out I just need to have at least one powerful statement item in my outfits haha.

I personally have a couple of favorites and I would love to know if you can figure out what my faves are and of course which are your favorites?! (I will tell you mine at the end of this post)

Right now I am super busy with so many cool things. A lot of which came into my life by happy coincidence or thanks to my blog and I am super grateful for that. I have been working for Isabelli (My Mochila & Bohotats) for a couple of weeks now and I have already learned so much! Really happy to be able to do this. By the way I will soon tell you a bit more about my work and maybe I will even show you guys some behind the scenes… Would you like that?!

Tell me, what are you up to today?

xoxo Saranda

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Monochromatic hippie – Outfit post

outfit fashion blog blogger sarandipity vans sunglasses
Hi lovely followers,

Time for a new hippie boho outfit! Today I am showing you the look I wore to the launch event 1,5 weeks ago. Since I did not know what the weather would do that day I decided that I needed a layered outfit with a jacket should it become cold. I must admit that I seem to be only wearing jeans and while I love jeans I love skirts as well. I just don’t feel very comfortable in skirt when the weather isn’t good and well, I am a comfy kind of girl!

Because the event was pretty chique, it was a launch from a new website and it was at a rooftop bar (hell yes!) I wanted my look to be fun, sexy but not to playful and it had to be kind of simple and down to earth as well. I decided to wear a black and white outfit with some see-through, sporty chic sunnies and a pop of color. By the way, apparently see-through was part of a secret dress code because when talking to some bloggers I noticed that I wasn’t the only one showing some bra haha 😉

Well what am I wearing then? I am wearing a top from H&M (pretty old collection), jeans from Noisy May (oh I am so in love with these jeans!!), my Nike sneaker heels, VANS sunglasses, Calvin Klein necklace, My Mochila bag, Ikki Watch and My Mochila bracelets.

Let me know what you think of this look by leaving a comment 🙂

xoxo Saranda

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Tropical fish – Outfit post

ootd outfit sarandipity fashion blog lovlet tropical fish

Good morning!

Yesterday morning I already showed you a little preview for today’s outfit. Today’s tropical look is pretty special since it is sponsored by an Italian webshop who sells a line from a very talented and if you ask me upcoming designer!

When they asked me to pick out something from their webshop for an outfit I immediatly fell in love with the Lovlet items! The colorful prints, nice designs and originality of this brand was amazing. And so I decided to pick out this pretty dress (yes it’s a dress not only a top hihi) with tropical fish on it.

The colors are super bright and I can not wait to wear this dress more! I love it. This dress is made out of scuba fabric (or at least something like it) and the dress fits like a glove. Too bad I did not have shoes that matched this outfit very well, I think white heels might have looked better with this dress, or maybe even white cut-out boots.

Which type and what color of shoes would you suggest wearing with this dress?

I am wearing the dress from Lovlet (Thanks to Very Simple), sunglasses from AM Eyewear (Thanks to bckspace | eyewear) and heels from H&M.


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