Musthave of the month: Something blue


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Something blue

Hi dear followers,

Today it’s time for a new musthave of the month. But since I am hooked on more than one musthave item, oops, I will show you three of my musthaves at this moment! Three musthaves which all got one thing in common. They are all blue, from pastel baby blue to sky-blue!

I am hooked on pastels (mostly pink and baby blue!), especially when combined with black and white. It has something very sweet but it’s also very chic and can even be fierce or edgy. A trend that is wear-able by just everyone and for every occasion! Well you see, I am hooked on this trend and I really really hope this trend will stay for a long time! 

Now for the first musthave of this month: something blue special is the Double Breasted biker jacket from Zara in synthetic leather. I have seen it on some bloggers, for example We Heart Fashion and Britta Maxima and I am in LOVE with this jacket! <3 You can buy this pretty baby blue jacket online or in the Zara stores for €79,95.

Curious about my other two blue musthaves? Ciao!!

fashion style inspiration shopping sarandipity blogger saranda walgaard zara pastels blue

My second musthave is also a coat from the Zara. This one is sky blue and looks just perfect! But I do have a trouble with finding the perfect somewhat longer coat for me… Most of the times longer coats look like a bathrobe on me since I am pretty tiny haha….

Well probably got to try it out first before buying this one in my case! πŸ˜‰ This beauty is also available online but for €99,95

Last but not last, a gorgeous sky-blue blazer also from the Zara. Classy, playful and very easy to match with different items and styles. This blazer is only €49,95 and in my opinion a great purchase if you are looking for a light blue blazer! πŸ™‚

fashion style inspiration shopping sarandipity blogger saranda walgaard zara pastels blue

Musthave of the month: January


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Hi guys, 

It’s a new month so it’s time to announce this years musthave of the month! Since it’s not super cold but not warm enough for t-shirts either a sweater or jumper perfect for the weather at this moment (as I told you in this blogpost sweaters can be styled super cool!) I really like this ASOS jumper since the design is pretty basic except for the side zips! I really like side zips and am thinking about purchasing this jumper… Too bad it is not in sale yet! 

I really like the side zip fashion items since you can make a side split when you unzip, which looks pretty special! 

You can get this side zip ASOS jumper on their website for €52,06! How would you style and wear this sweater? Let me know in a comment! 

Ciao lovelies!!

Musthave of the month: December


Hi everyone,

It’s getting colder outside and in some places in the Netherlands it has already been snowing! So it is time for a new musthave of the month! While a lot of people don’t like these warm & furry friends, the other half seems to LOVE them… I am talking about UGG’s! 

I personally love them, they are so comfy and perfect during the winter! I can assure you, you won’t have cold feet ever again! By the way I do also understand why some people don’t like them. They can look quite massive on your feet sometimes, which does not look very fashionable. But hey, comfort is also something very important, certainly during the winter when it is snowing or freezing outside!

The ones you can see above are some of my favorites! At the moment I already have a very old pair of the Chestnut Bailey Buttons (the middle one) and I also have the UGG Classic Mini in black personalized with Swarovski. I really like the left and right UGG’s, the design looks a bit more luxurious and fashionable than the standard colored Classic Mini’s and Classics. For the Dutchies reading this, I saw on Rowan’s blog (Red Reiding Hood) that the UGG’s on the right are exclusive at van den Assem and that they are available with discount at the moment! Go get them, right now! πŸ˜‰ 

What do you think of UGG’s? Let me know in a comment! Ciao!!

Musthave of the month: November


Since the #Dressmas event where we got the perfect onesie I am hooked! Onesies are fabulous and the best thing for a day to chillax on the couch, when you feel sick or just when it’s cold outside (and inside) haha. 

Therefore I chose Onesies as the musthave of this month! They are just perfect for the fall and the approaching colder winter days! All shown onesies are from (price range between €30 & €38), since I really saw some cool designs on the website! 

What do you think of onesies? Do you have one and if not would you buy one?! πŸ™‚ 

Have a lovely day everyone, ciao!!

Musthave of the month: October


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This months musthave will definitely be a coat in a pastel color! Seen at Acne, CΓ©line, Rochas and Mulberry, this look will be HOT! Check out how Michelle from The Fashion Fraction styled her dustpink pastel coat!      

I still need to get my hands on one but so far I have a favorite from Asos. Check it out HEREDo you already got a pastel colored coat? Let me know in a comment! πŸ™‚


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