Wednesday’s Pinspiration #10

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Hi everyone,

It’s super hot in Holland and in the mean time I am trying to blog as much as I can and trying to focus on my other responsibilities as well. As it’s Wednesday it’s time for a lovely summer pinspiration post. All about the sunny weather (with some rainy / stormy moments haha), the beach (oh I love going to the beach), gorgeous waves and more.

I love summer time as it’s a moment in which I feel free, free to take my time, to enjoy and to relax. Right now I do not yet have holiday plans but I might go on a Italian language course in Florence or Milan. Which city do you vote for, because I am in so much doubt haha. Let me know in a comment which would be your first choice!

Besides this plan I hope to go on a little roadtrip to Spain later this year, probably after the summer vacation. Just back to basics with my boyfriend, our tent and two large backpacks… What are your summer plans?

For the ultimate summer accessory I am currently in love with Bohotats! You can see one on the collage above and they come in much more different metallic tattoos as well. Check out the Summer Lookbook from Isabelli to see all of the products!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

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Music Monday #1

Good morning lovely followers,

Today I woke up and realized I did not yet have a blogpost planned for you for today. But as soon as I heard one of my favorite songs I knew what to share with you today: my favorite songs of this moment.

Last weekend I went to a festival hosted by DJ Bakermat (from the song ‘One dag (Vandaag)’) and I loved it… At the moment deep house is my favorite music to listen to. Just because it’s super relaxing, a nice chill beat and oh let’s not forget the happy and amazing saxophones tunes. I have always loved music and music can always cheer me up. Deep house cheers me up, but let’s me relax as well. During the Kingsday party last weekend I did some dancing, chilling, listening, enjoying the sun and some more dancing. It was a lovely way to go out and the perfect festival for me to go to during Kingsday.

For now, let’s say goodbye to the Monday blues and listen to a nice diverse couple of my favorite songs at the moment.

Happy Monday loves <3

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Personal: My life in 20 questions – tag


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Hi everyone, 

Last week I got tagged by fellow blogger and lovely friend Dagmar to do the My life in 20 questions tag. Well here it is: My life in 20 questions 🙂

Have fun reading and please feel free to ask me any more questions you would like me to answer! I always love Q&A’s ^^

Happy Monday lovely followers <3 


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Favorite color: My favorite color probably is blue. From pastel baby blue to cobalt. I love it all!
Favorite number: 15, I don’t know why… It probably should be 40 since my name means 40 in Greek and I am born on 4 October but nope, it’s 15 haha.
Dream career: I would love to have my own company where I can combine my biggest passions, fashion, psychology, writing and reading.
Where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own? I already live on my own, together with my lovely boyfriend hihi. But in the end I don’t think I would stay in the Netherlands my whole life. Maybe New York someday? For now I am very happy with where I live… I do miss some animals though 😉
Favorite way to travel: By plane, I love travelling long distances. But just in Holland, by car I think. I love driving, music on, singing, laughing out loud over the horrible radio jokes.

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What do you do in your free time? I do a lot of different things. Hanging out with friends, meeting up with fellow bloggers, watching a bunch of TV series, reading, listening to music. 
Favorite clothing stores: I really like Zara at the moment but I like H&M a lot as well.. My favorite online clothing store is
Who would you like to see in concert? Metallica. I love rock music and I would really like to experience a concert of these guys. Last week I was thinking how these guys are pretty old already and maybe I will never see them perform on stage. That would be a bummer…
Favorite tea blend? Fresh Moroccan mint tea, yumm!
Do you collect anyting? Books and nailpolish haha. I actually have a lot of books that I still need to read. I really feel like it’s time to finally read all these books this year ^^
I can’t sleep without: A blanket, even during the summer I need to have (a very thin) blanket over me in some way haha. 
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If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it? I would travel the world, see all the places I want to visit. Afterwards I would buy (or maybe it still has to be designed & build) my dream house, a car for my boyfriend and myself. I would also invest with a part of the money and I would help my family with things they couldn’t do before. 

Favorite make-up brand? My favorite make-up brand is Maybelline. I love their products a lot and I am very happy with most of the items I buy from them. I also love L’oreal a lot, mostly their lipsticks! Furthermore I really like brands like Dior, YSL and Chanel but I just can’t afford these brands.
Favorite treat to eat? Italian Icecream and Lasagna!! <3 

What is your favorite season? Spring and summer, I love the sunshine, the flowers, the chirping birds, the soft breeze. And besides that I love going to the beach hihi.
Do you sleep with your doors open or closed? Closed, no idea why haha.
Why did you start blogging? I first started blogging in January 2012 but that did not work out very well because I did not have a lot to say and to blog about. Then in January 2013 I started again with pretty much a whole clean slate and I had a topic to write about, fashion. Blogging started as a creative outlet. But besides that also the eager want in me to have my own space whether online or offline to write and share everything I liked or loved. 
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Do you have any magazine subscriptions? Nope, I love a lot of different magazines like VOGUE, L’Officiel, Elle, Cosmopolitan and much more. Therefore I just regularly check out the new editions in the bookstores and then I buy only the ones I really want to have. The other ones I scan quickly in the bookstore itself hahahaha. 
What were you doing at 12AM last night? Trying to sleep, pretty boring  I guess. Normally I am blogging around that time 😉
Favorite perfume? I am in love with my YSL L’elixer fragrance! This is definitely my favorite at the moment I am sure that when this one is empty I am going to buy a new one.
What did you think of this blogpost? Let me know in a comment! 

Personal: things I love (inspired by afterDRK)


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Hi everyone,

Around Valentinesday I saw a cute blogpost on and I decided to do something like this as well. Not exactly the same, since her post was about 15 random things she loves. I am going to tell you about some more things I love in a couple of themes. First op, Fashion of course!! <3 

  1. Pastels! I am in love with pastels, mostly pink and blue. These colors are just so easy to style!
  2. Skater skirts, I love them and I still need to buy me one, or two, or three 😉
  3. Haute Couture and other fashion shows, oh how I wish I could visit every Fashion Week
  4. The pantone color of this year, Radiant Orchid! <3  
  5. Fedora hats, still looking for the perfect fedora for me ^^
  6. Chanel, Balenciaga, Céline, Vlieger & van Dam, I am talking about it-bags!
  7. Faux fur, I love things that are hug-able hihi
  8. Black and white, what is not to love about that <3

Want to know more about the things I love? I also wrote down my love for things withing beauty and lifestyle. 


Beauty loves:
  1. Creamy eyeshadow! I love the color tattoo’s from Maybelline
  2. Lipsticks, I am a huge lipstick collector, reds, pinks, plums everything ^^
  3. Sauna masks from Montange Jenesse, probably my favorite mask…
  4. Trying new skincare, yesterday I bought a new product from Clinique, the superdefense spf20 moisturizer
  5. Swatching new items in the drugstores hihi <3
  6. Massages! 
Lifestyle loves:
  1. Waking up early and actually start doing stuff asap, which I most of the times don’t do <– note to self: I should get more productive 🙂
  2. Having a breakfast with baked buns, croissants and a boiled egg. Yumm!! ^^
  3. Travelling, oh how I wish I’d be on an airplane like right now haha
  4. Summer, feeling the sun on my skin, I love it
  5. Cleaning up my beauty inventory, I love the trance you can get in if you are cleaning up
  6. Akita Inu’s <3 
  7. Orchid’s, in my humble opinion some of the most beautiful flowers in the world ^^
  8. Watching tv series, starting with new tv series. I think this is one of my addictions haha
  9. Surfing, I love to surf although I am not quite that good yet but it’s just super awesome!
  10. Photography
  11. Baking, although I don’t like most pies I love baking homemade apple pie (which I do love to eat haha) or special stuff like Pandan Cake or Terang Bulan! <3
  12. Making lists, to do lists for example
  13. Listening to music, nothing as relaxing as listening to music ^^
  14. Blogging, of course!
  15. Spending time with family, friends, fellow bloggers, readers, like-minded people. 
What do you think of this list?

Event: GLOW 2013 in Eindhoven


Goodmorning everyone, 

At the moment I am just heading out to the Primark store opening in Eindhoven! But first I would really like to share some of my favorite pictures my boyfriend made at the GLOW event in Eindhoven. GLOW is a festival all about lights and art which returns to the city every year. As usual I have seen some amazing things, sometimes the things you can do with lights are really spectacular!

In this photos you can see some of my most favorite projects from the GLOW route 🙂

Have a lovely day and to the Brabanders reading my blog, I’ll see you today?!