Falling into fall – Outfit post

Falling into fall

Sometimes, you find something precious… I love minimal jewellery most of the times, tiny silver earrings, a simple watch, a simple necklace and my customised silver ring. I do not wear a lot of jewellery, however sometimes the perfect jewels can finish an outfit!

“Larimar, the stone of Atlantis or the Dolphin stone”

For this outfit I needed a statement necklace of some sorts. And so I picked this gorgeous Larimar necklace to pair with this fall outfit. Larimar, or the stone of Atlantis, is a gorgeous bright blue precious stone. This pretty gemstone is only to be found at the Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic.

An eye-catching stone with a story, and it’s to be said that this sea blue stone has healing abilities. The Larimar stone should help people to relax, be more positive, get over fears, helps with stress-related diseases and disorders and more. I do not know how exactly to formulate it but when looking at the stone a sort of happiness radiates from the beauty of the stone. The blues and color differences look gorgeous and only looking at the stone will make you wonder about the beauty and the wonders of nature 🙂

What do you think of this look and the gorgeous Larimar.com necklace?


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