New job prep

SarandaAdriana graduated Msc Business Communication and Digital Media Tilburg University

Hi there!

It’s been a while: over the last year I have finished my Master’s degree in Business Communication & Digital Media and wrote a thesis about mobile phone behavior in one-on-one conversations (more specifically, phubbing), I have started working for Heijmans ??‍♀️again, I went on company visits to and Google and I went on some lovely trips to France and Barcelona with Mayk.

Last month I officially graduated as Master of Science ??‍?, so I guess my student days are over… ? This also means that a new chapter of my life will begin. While my thesis deadline was approaching I came in contact with a recruiter about a position as social media manager and I got the job!

Next Monday I will start and next to a short personal update I wanted to share with you my ‘new job prep’ I did and am doing before Monday 😉 Hope you will like it!

xo Saranda

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