Sunday Special – BL’QE Geneve holiday gifts

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Ciao dearies,

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I myself love to wear not only diamonds but also other gemstones, precious stones and pearls!

This year I came in contact with a new brand called BL’QE Geneve, through a very special collaboration with bckspace eyeweaer. Which was my favorite collab so far. Ever since I got in contact with the designer of this amazing jewelry brand she has been really supportive of my blog. So when the opportunity came around to work together I did not say no! I already showed you one set of bracelets in some previous looks (this one, this one and this one) and now we are collaboration again.

BL’QE Geneve launched a new website and lately they have been featured in various magazines as well. Not really a surprise… as these bracelets, rings and necklaces are super original with a very high quality as well. Every item is made out of high quality leather with gorgeous gemstones and pretty gemstone casings with some extra sparkle. Besides this my eye always gets caught by the gorgeous closing of the bracelets as well.

Maybe instead of diamonds we should just say jewelry is a girls best friend. Since you can make (almost) every girl happy with some pretty new jewelry. With their jewelry BL’QE Geneve aims for powerful women who know what they want. As they say themselves: “Originated in Geneve, Switzerland, BL’QE Geneve has marked their presence in the jewellery market through ever changing new designs and outstanding craftsmanship. By the endless combinations of fashionable designs and colours, BL’QE Geneve provides it’s clients to genuinely stand out from the crowd, and become trend setters, not trend followers.”

Still looking for a gift for your mom, best friend, or maybe yourself for the upcoming holidays? Maybe these pretty items are the gift you should be looking for! 🙂

What do you think of these bracelets and rings? Let me know in a comment!


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Giveaway: Win a complete set of Bohotats!


Hi dearies!

One of the big trends this summer our metallic temporary tattoos. The Bohotats from my Isabelli are the perfect party and festival item. They make a great fashion accessory, are easy to bring with you and are applied in just a few seconds (one minute tops for the larger ones).

These metallic temporary tattoos are getting more popular every day as they spread across the world. You will be able to find many different brands but Bohotats have the prettiest designs, biggest variety and prettiest color & shine! Besides that they are available online (worldwide shipment, free shipment within the Netherlands) and are also being sold in many stores and webshops in the Netherlands as well as party island Ibiza!

Bohotats by my Isabelli have even been on Dutch national television at RTL Boulevard. Dutch fashion blogger Lizzy van der Ligt showed of her Bohotats and told the viewers that these native / tribe inspired tattoos are THE festival trend this year! With this recommendation Bohotats are just a musthave for you this summer season, right?!

Well I have some good news for you! One of you will be the lucky winner of a complete set of Bohotats worth approximately €60! Including our new designed St. Barths sheet!

Just check out the raffle copter for all the possible entries 🙂
Goodluck dearies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway in samenwerking met ShopAffaire


sarandipity giveaway winactie shopaffaire jewelry fashion blog bracelt shopping money

(This blogpost is in Dutch since this giveaway is only open to people from the Netherlands or Belgium. Stay tuned for other international giveaways during the Sarandipity celebration month! You can already join the necklace giveaway HERE)

Hi iedereen, 

Dit is alweer de laatste giveaway van de Sarandipity celebration month, heerlijk om op deze manier mijn blog’s birthday te vieren! Vanaf vandaag kan je meedoen om dit armbandje te winnen van ShopAffaire. ShopAffaire is een website vol mooie sieraden en andere accesoires! Ik vind het zelf altijd heerlijk om de webshop door te zoeken naar mooie sieraden om toe te voegen aan mijn collectie 🙂 

Omdat ik een groot fan ben van ShopAffaire en omdat mijn blog deze maand 1 jaar bestaat mag ik één van jullie dit mooie armbandje cadeau geven. Naast het zilveren armbandje met half-edelsteen krijg je ook een handgemaakt vriendschaps armbandje en €7,50 shoptegoed te besteden bij ShopAffiare! Gelukkig krijgen jullie van mij genoeg opties om je naam zoveel mogelijk in de hoge hoed te krijgen. 

Ik krijg soms vragen of jullie de RaffleCopter wel goed ingevuld hebben. Bij deze een toelichting, de dikgedrukte stappen zijn verplicht en leveren je een bepaald aantal punten op. Daarna heb je extra stappen die je kan volgen en daar mee verdien je meer punten. Hoe meer punten je hebt verdient hoe vaker je naam voorkomt in de hoge hoed en hoe meer kans je dan dus maakt om te winnen. 

Wil je graag meedoen met deze giveaway? Volg dan de volgende stappen…
a Rafflecopter giveaway    

Succes iedereen, ciao!!

PS: Je kan ook nog steeds mee doen aan de andere giveaways International giveaway & NL & BE winactie

sarandipity giveaway winactie shopaffaire jewelry fashion blog bracelt shopping money

sarandipity giveaway winactie shopaffaire jewelry fashion blog bracelt shopping money

New in: Silver bracelets with Gemstone


new in shopaffaire bracelets jewelry gemstones silverplated silver fashion fashionblog sarandipity inspiration shopping

Hi everyone

Last week I was really happy when my package from Shop Affaire arrived! I had already ordered something a couple months a go and I was really happy with the items I received back than. You can read my earlier blogpost about my order HERE So when I saw on Facebook that all the silverplated items were on sale I just had to check it out! 

Sing I already have a lot of earrings and only wear a couple of my favorite necklaces I went for two bracelets. Both with a gemstone (actually semi-precious stones or in Dutch ‘half edelsteen’). I already have a couple of outfits in my mind where I would wear this bracelets with so you’ll probably see them in an outfitpost pretty soon! 

At the moment the soft pink one is already sold-out but the raspberry colored bracelet is still available! You can find the bracelet HERE, the bracelet is for sale from €44,95 for only €24,95! Don’t forget to check out the other items that are for sale as well!     

What’s your favorite of the two bracelets? xoxo Saranda

new in shopaffaire bracelets jewelry gemstones silverplated silver fashion fashionblog sarandipity inspiration shopping

new in shopaffaire bracelets jewelry gemstones silverplated silver fashion fashionblog sarandipity inspiration shopping

New in: OPSobjects Gold Attraction bracelet


Hi everyone,

Maybe you still remember the blogpost about the OPS! Bracelets, I wrote a while ago?  If not you can read it here: OPS! Bracelets from Italy 

I was so enthusiastic about the brand and their bracelets and now I have one of my own! Thank you so much FUSE communication! I love it <3 

The bracelet I got is actually one I used in he blogpost and it’s so cool! I really like the firm feel on the chains and the pendant is perfect too! It’s not only heart shaped but it also looks a lot like a guitar pick (which I did not notice when I wrote the earlier blogpost haha). Soon you will see the bracelet in one of my outfitposts of course but for now check out some pictures of the packaging and the bracelet itself! 🙂 


PS: don’t forget to join my mystery giveaway!! The first item from the goodiebox will be announced on Instagram later today! 🙂 You can join the giveaway HERE! 

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