Denim on Denim – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies,

Today in Holland it’s Liberation day, a day in which we celebrate how we won back our freedom as a country after the second world war. Probably non of my readers have lived through this war but you might have been in contact with other wars or struggles your country has been in. Today I am extra grateful for the freedom given to us by our great-grandparents and everything who fought for freedom during this horrible war. I hope that, who you are, wherever you are, that you are free and that you may enjoy your freedom. That you have freedom of speech, freedom of your thoughts, religion and lifestyle. If you are not, I pray for you to receive the freedom you deserve <3

Now about my look. It’s not rebellious, it has not much to do with freedom except for the freedom to express myself…

A denim on denim outfit this time. A denim jacket with a meaning, my own made up term Sarandipity (Serendipity + Saranda) a koi carp and a lotus flower. The meaning of these symbols together: “Lotus flowers are commonly depicted in tattoos. These flowers grow in a muddy pond but develop into a beautiful flower which is much loved. The lotus is often paired with a koi which can take on a variety of meanings. This tattoo may represent purity, struggle or a change in life. The lotus with the koi may also represent struggle, determination or inevitable success.” Quote

In this outfit I am wearing my personalized denim jacket by Pepe Jeans, a white blouse from H&M with underneath it a blue t-shirt bra from Victoria’s Secret, denim jeans from WE Fashion, bag from VANS and chelsea boots from ASOS.

What do you think of this denim on denim outfit?! Let me know in a comment 🙂


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The perfect winter coat (from Coolcat)


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Hi lovely followers,

I always have trouble finding a perfect coat for the winter. But this season I was lucky and I actually have 2 new winter coats (one of them I showed you already in a new in blogpost a week or something ago)! The other coat I have is from the Coolcat! Coolcat has a new winter collection with some great winter coats, a lot of different styles, colors. Well, they have coats for everybody! In this blogpost I will show you some of my favorites and of course also the coat I actually have! 

By the way, at the moment there is 20% discount on all the winter coats Coolcat sells!
Visit for more information and to check out all of the other winter coats.


Coolcat really surprised me with their winter coats! Normally I really have a hard time finding one that I really like, but when I checked out the Coolcat website I had a couple of favorites. I actually had a hardtime choosing this time haha. 

At the end I went for this one, it is perfect for the fall (maybe a little too cold for when it is snowing), I really like the quilted design, the golden details, the diagonal zipper and the neckline:

leatherjacket jacker fakeleather leatherlook coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipity

You can buy the coat I have HERE. 

From the somewhat longer coats I really liked the ones below. The first one is really girly where the second one is kinda edgy. I didn’t go for these two because the Supertrash coat already is somewhat longer as well so it looked a little bit more useful to go for a shorter coat haha. I do really like these two and the second one was also second in line on my wishlist.
coat coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipity

You can buy these coats HERE & HERE.

Last but definitely not least I also really liked the Varsity jacket and Parka-style coat in the picture below. But I just did not know on what occasions I would wear these coats or how I would combine them with my current wardrobe. 
varsity parka coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipityYou can buy these coats HERE & HERE.

Which one of these coats do you like best and would you want to wear??
Let me know in a comment!