Italian food: pasta Carbonara at Vapiano

Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

Ciao tutti!

Oggi / today I want to talk to you about good – real good – Italian food!
I love Italy and I won’t be lying as I said that I almost love every Italian dish… I am a big fan of the Italian kitchen. From Pizza & Pasta Bolognese, to a nice risotto or the perfect vermicelli dish.

I would not be lying either when I would say that most of the people I know love my Lasagna’s and my pesto pasta salad was pretty popular during the Christmas dinner.
Okay I’ll stop bragging ’bout it!

Today I want to tell you a bit about the various ways to make a good and delicious pasta Carbonara. With some tips from a Vapiani (a pasta chef at Italian Fresh-Fast-Food chain Vapiano).


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Personal: Italian life


Ciao tutti!

Ho sono tornato / I’m back, from my Italian adventure and my wonderful Italian life! Because of my full time training at H&M and my immediate holiday afterwards I had a little bit of a blogging break which I really needed. But now I am back with some great new ideas, lots of creative spirit and some amazing stories to tell you!

Starting today with a little bit of a peek into my Italian life in Firenze, or Florence (As a self-pronounced Fiorentina or Florentian I prefer Firenze over Florence though…).

I arrived in Pisa and took the first bus to Firenze, I was exhausted from my full time training and I also learned some bad news just the day before I left. An emotional roller coaster to say the least. When boarding my plane in Eindhoven the excitement finally started to kick in but I was relieved when I arrived at my Fiorentine apartment. As soon as I met my roomie and flatmates I was happy and felt home! If you guys are reading this, thank you for the amazing time <3

Read on for the full story 😉

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #11

italy travel language italian lifestyle learn grow adventure enjoy blog

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday means time for a short break to regain some energy and inspiration! Today the Pinspiration is all about my plans for this summer! I would love to and probably will go to Italy to learn the Italian language! You might have already spotted the Florence or Milan question several times on my blog or on my social media but I think I pretty much made up my mind.

I guess, Florence it is! But hey, nothing is decided yet. I still need to arrange everything and I am also still doubting whether or not I will also go to Milan for a couple of days to a week. As a fashion blogger I would love to be able to be there when it’s Fashion Week.

Besides that I really want the weeks I am going there to be a big adventure! I think adventures indeed are the best way to learn since you are on your own, in a different country, meeting new people, learning a new language and above all I think you grow as a person and also on a professional level.

In 2012 I went to Indonesia to teach in a summer school and that holiday I did not only learn the kids over there something, I also learned a lot myself and I think since then I have grown a lot as a person. During the summer it’s the perfect time to work on this you really love and so these are my summer plans so far. Going to absorb the Italian language and culture. Maybe I will also go on an all pleasure vacation. Probably me and my boyfriend will go to Spain with our tent and have a mini roadtrip or something.. We’ll see 😉

What are your summer plans?

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Milan Fashion Week: Fendi & Gucci


Hi everyone, 

Today I would like to show you some of my favorite looks from the Fendi and Gucci Fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. You probably have already noticed the über cool Kaiser Karl puppet Cara Delevigne is holding in the photo above, well I NEED IT haha 😉 

I was amazed by Fendi since I really liked how they incorporated all those different fabrics. The designs are fierce, feminine, original and I actually loved the use of color as well. What do you think about the Fendi collection for Fall / Winter 2014-2015?

The thing I loved most about the Gucci show was the use of pastels and fluffy items, for example fluffy coats. Heck yes! I love how the furry / fluffy trend as well as the pastel trend seem to be here to stay. Well at least for now! 😉 Click on the read more button for more photos from the Fendi and Gucci fashion shows. 

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My favorite look from the Fendi show is probably number 4, the picture below on the right. I love the fierceness, the use of (faux?) fur, the skirt, boots, belt, everything. I love how it looks like this gorgeous model is a warrior or nomad, or both 😉
At the show from Gucci I really like the use of soft pastels with brown. The collection from Gucci looks smart, sophisticated and very feminine. I also love the fluffy-ness of the two pastel colored coats (give me please!!) and I love the dresses. Such a gorgeous collection in my humble opinion. 

Ad Campaign Tosca Blu SS2014


fashion sarandipity blog tosca blu bags adcampaign favorites italy italian dutch
Pictures from the Tosca Blu Website (edited by and for Sarandiptiy)

Hi everyone,

This morning I showed you my latest outfit post and I really hope you liked this look 🙂
When I saw an email about Tosca Blu in my inbox I went over to their website. The new collection is gorgeous and their ad campaign is amazingly beautiful! So I just had to share it with you guys!

Tosca Blu has been my favorite brand of bags for quite a while now! Almost two years ago I bought my first bag from Tosca Blu and it has been my favorite bag since then. This winter I did not use it a lot since the colors are not really suitable for in the winter plus I am very afraid it might get dirty with the bad weather in the Netherlands…  

What do you think of this Ad Campaign and the bags from Tosca Blu? 

fashion sarandipity blog tosca blu bags adcampaign favorites italy italian dutch

fashion sarandipity blog tosca blu bags adcampaign favorites italy italian dutch
fashion sarandipity blog tosca blu bags adcampaign favorites italy italian dutch

fashion sarandipity blog tosca blu bags adcampaign favorites italy italian dutch

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