All about Navy

all about navy

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Ciao dearies,

I really really really LOVE navy – don’t we all? – and I am a very happy girl knowing that navy is one of the most trendy fall colors this year! I am a real summer / fall girl, the only thing I don’t like about the fall is all the rainy days. Except when I am inside and my home is decorated in a fall-rainy-proof style 😉 But what I do like about fall are the fall colors! Navy, Burgundy, Moss Green, I love them all. However my all time favorite is navy! So this blogpost today, is ALL ABOUT NAVY!

About navy, we all love it and it’s just a gorgeous color. Easy to wear with black, white, brown tones, reds, greys, taupe, beige and probably way more. It’s a super easy to style and wear color. And I think everyone will look great wearing something navy! Some people used to say navy and black doesn’t match but I think, looking at the outfits of these gorgeous galls above that navy and black looks amazing!

Well some webshops know exactly what a girl wants, OTTO* has a special page all about navy fashion items you can get! Whoopwhoop! I already did some virtual shopping and yet again I made a little wishlist, all about navy of course. Check out my favorite navy items after the read more button 🙂


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