Travel: Hiking the Caminito del Rey


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When I went on my holiday to Spain my boyfriend and I decided to follow our adventurous instincts and walk two gorgeous hiking paths in Andalusia. The Mediterranean steps in Gibraltar and the famous Caminito del Rey from Andares to El Chorro!

Today I would like to show you my photos of the beautiful and breathtaking hike that is the Caminito del Rey. Or the King’s Pathway! Hiking this pearl of nature has been an incredible experience and we both enjoyed the walk tremendously. This walkway, pinned at the steep mountain walls of the El Chorro gorge is a must see and must walk if you are into adventurous and active traveling. I promise you, this walkway will not let you down!

You start the walk at a post where you get a helmet and some basic instructions. The main instruction: “keep the helmet on at all times”.  Hence the not so über charming photos with a mining helmet ;).  From the beginning the walk is impressive. You see the water dam as one of the first things, which is the whole reason the Caminito exists. In 2015, just last year, the walkway reopened after being renovated. Safe to say, the path is now much safer than it was… But while being completely new, the views have not changed and the hight as well as being able to see the original pathway is spectacular!

I’ll just stop talking now and let you enjoy the photos we made during our hike! Stay tuned as we also have a video coming up featuring the Caminito del Rey as well as our hike at the Mediterranean steps!


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