Train of thoughts: Winter is coming

train of thoughts winter is coming

Hi babes,

November flew by really fast. Can you believe that it is December already?! I just started working at my new job and already 3 weeks have past. I have done a lot of different things already and it’s amazing that I am learning new things again! When I noticed the time is ticking so fast I started thinking, winter is coming.

All this while I am still editing and having to post outfits that are perfect for fall but not at all suitable for the ice cold winter. Whoops. I really noticed that having an almost fulltime job gives me a lot of structure and security. But on the other hand I have no idea what happens to my free time haha. My first real weekend ended before I even had the chance to do something for myself or the blog and the same goes for my evenings. I figured that a good planning is everything when combining a job, a blog and a social life haha. So that is actually what I am doing right now, figuring out how to combine everything in a way that I’ll still have me-time as well! I feel like it is already going a bit better with managing my time 🙂

Another thing that is unfortunately keeping my busy is my health… It started about a month ago, my cluster period. The period in which I am having a sort of tension headache everyday and immense “shoot me” headache attacks once every two days. In the former years it also was waved away a bit but this year I went to the doctors again. I just started with trying out imigran nosesprays and had two acupuncture meetings so far. I feel like it does help a bit so far but I am a bit sceptical and I don’t want to get to hopeful yet. Should you have any tips or tricks for me to deal with my headaches please let me know…

Winter is coming

So with December here and winter on it’s way I’m very much looking forward to the holidays and to New Years Eve! I also can’t wait for 2017, after years where I am telling myself it’s going to be my year, this year I am absolutely sure it’s going to be my year! I love my career, the blog is going pretty good and I am in such a good please. It sometimes feels to good to be true and I feel so blessed!

What are you up to this month? Feel free to share your train of thoughts in the comments.


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