Wednesday’s Pinspiration #13


Ciao ragazzi,

It’s time for a new Wednesday’s Pinspiration which today is all about amazing streetstyle bags! I spotted some amazing ones in Milano which I will share with you later but on Pinterest I found some gorgeous pictures as well!

As I believe in accessorizing and the fact that one accessory can transform a simple look into something gorgeous I just had to share these inspirational looks! My favorite bags are the Chanel Matruschka purse and the white Rocco bag from Alexander Wang! The first one is just gorgeous and a huge eye catcher, while the second one has tiny special details. The second one would probably look gorgeous with almost every outfit…

I am wondering though, how much is a designer bag truly worth? I never really fell for brand names, but now I notice how I adore some fashion houses and their particular style. For example I used to totally have nothing with Gucci, still I am no fan of big logo advertising on your bags / wallet / clothes… But after visiting their museum in Firenze and learning more about the history of the brand I now understand why a certain brand can be attractive. Lucky me, or not really, I can’t afford my favorite Gucci bag just yet. So I came home with only a Gucci paper shopping bag and some Gucci sugar haha.

Tell me, what is your favorite bag of the collage above? And how about your all time favorite designer bag / must have bag to spice up an everyday look?

Let me know in a comment!


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Milan Fashion Week – Gucci, Emporio Armani & Fendi

Gucci-spring-summer-2015-milan fashion week-design-fashion-blog-sarandipity1

Ciao tutti!

Last week I was in Milano to end my Italian adventures with a huge dosis of fashion by going on the streets during Milan Fashion Week.

Most of the time I was spotting and shooting gorgeous streetstyle but I also attended some nice shows!! More about that later in a special Milan Fashion Week report! 😀

Today I want to start with sharing some of my favorite looks per show with you all. As you might now I started of writing about a lot of different fashion shows and I love to do that again sometimes, especially for the Milan Fashion Weeks because I just adore Italian fashion!

When the Gucci show was going on inside this super pretty building I was outfit making street style photos and checking out famous bloggers and some celebs! Anna Wintour rushed her way through the crowd while Kate Moss arrived a bit later. A couple minutes later, I was about to take of because the biggest part of the crowd started dissolving, I almost bumped into Bryanboy and I went on a photo with the gorgeous Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad.

Continue reading for my opinion about the Gucci, Emporio Armani & Fendi shows!

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Milan Fashion Week: Fendi & Gucci


Hi everyone, 

Today I would like to show you some of my favorite looks from the Fendi and Gucci Fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. You probably have already noticed the über cool Kaiser Karl puppet Cara Delevigne is holding in the photo above, well I NEED IT haha 😉 

I was amazed by Fendi since I really liked how they incorporated all those different fabrics. The designs are fierce, feminine, original and I actually loved the use of color as well. What do you think about the Fendi collection for Fall / Winter 2014-2015?

The thing I loved most about the Gucci show was the use of pastels and fluffy items, for example fluffy coats. Heck yes! I love how the furry / fluffy trend as well as the pastel trend seem to be here to stay. Well at least for now! 😉 Click on the read more button for more photos from the Fendi and Gucci fashion shows. 

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My favorite look from the Fendi show is probably number 4, the picture below on the right. I love the fierceness, the use of (faux?) fur, the skirt, boots, belt, everything. I love how it looks like this gorgeous model is a warrior or nomad, or both 😉
At the show from Gucci I really like the use of soft pastels with brown. The collection from Gucci looks smart, sophisticated and very feminine. I also love the fluffy-ness of the two pastel colored coats (give me please!!) and I love the dresses. Such a gorgeous collection in my humble opinion. 

Trend report: Rain boots!


Burberry studded rainboots & Kate Spade rainboots

Hi everyone,

With fall coming up soon, rain boots are hot! Remember those horrifying things you wore as a child? Well no more of that, rain boots are stylish and very trendy! They even come in all shapes and styles (over knees, ridingboots, ankle boots) and in a lot of different colors as well!

To prepare myself a bit for the rain and to help you find some cool rain boots, I put together this little trend report with some cool rain boots! I am sure you will love one or more of the ones I will show you!     


Before I am going to show you some of my favorites, this pair below will definitely be mine! These Quiltedrainboots in black are from SuperTrash and are available here.

The boots below are a bit more, well, out there… if you know what I mean 😉 
I really like these boots but I would probably not wear them as soon as the black SuperTrash beauties above 🙂 

You can buy the boots, shown below, here and here!

I also reallt like the rainboots by Hunter, Hunter really seems like an upcoming brand, I am seeing their rainboots more often with every day! Personally I really like the Original Colorblocking rainboots, available here.

I also really like this classic British rain boots by Burberry, available here.

Last but not least, if I will get a job soon, I think I will also buy these lace beauties from SuperTrash, very cute and stylish and such a nice design! Available here 🙂

What is your favorite pair of rain boots? 🙂