New job prep

SarandaAdriana graduated Msc Business Communication and Digital Media Tilburg University

Hi there!

It’s been a while: over the last year I have finished my Master’s degree in Business Communication & Digital Media and wrote a thesis about mobile phone behavior in one-on-one conversations (more specifically, phubbing), I have started working for Heijmans ??‍♀️again, I went on company visits to and Google and I went on some lovely trips to France and Barcelona with Mayk.

Last month I officially graduated as Master of Science ??‍?, so I guess my student days are over… ? This also means that a new chapter of my life will begin. While my thesis deadline was approaching I came in contact with a recruiter about a position as social media manager and I got the job!

Next Monday I will start and next to a short personal update I wanted to share with you my ‘new job prep’ I did and am doing before Monday 😉 Hope you will like it!

xo Saranda

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Graduation – Outfit post

Hi everyone,

As promised I have some outfit shots from my graduation look and some graduation photo’s as well! 🙂 It’s not a HUGE post, but I do hope you like it. Most of all I am curious to find out what you guys think of my graduation look! Please let me know!

Tomorrow I will show you my first Amsterdam Fashion Week photo’s and a short review from the first day and first show, so stay tuned!!! I can already tell you I made some nice photo’s and I met a lot of fellow bloggers! 

Ciao ragazzi!

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Signing my diploma! 🙂

 With my mom and my diploma! I am an Applied Psychologist!!!

I was wearing skater dress by Little Mistress (Dress), peep toe pumps and bag by MANGO (Pumps & Bag). 

Graduated!! Search for the dress continues!

Somewhat later than planned haha but I am graduated and I promised you to share some of the dresses I would love to wear om my graduating day! 🙂 It’s not a very big post, but check out the dresses and please let me hear your opinion! 

The dresses are all available on ASOS, the brands are Little Mistress, Oasis, TFNC and Hybrid. Price range from €70 to €125… I actually love them all but I got to make a choice as soon as possible since I am having my diploma ceremony on the 11th of July! 

All of the dresses are with black and white / creme or in a creme color. I personally think those colors are chique and show maturity while you still can stay fashionable, sexy and young / playful… I really would love to hear your opinion on my picks and which dress you would advice me to wear to graduation day! I am very very curious!!

Much love, Sarandipity <3

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