Sarandipity on the road: Pressdays

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At the Ganbaroo showroom

TGIF, happy Friday lovely followers!

Last week has been pretty hectic and so I have been running around from home to Amsterdam and back again. Strolling around Amsterdam for two whole days on Tuesday and Thursday, but boy I had some fun!

This past week it was time for the PR madness with all the PR showrooms having their pressdays. I always love seeing the new collections for upcoming season and make some pictures of items I really like. It’s also great to finally meet the people behind the email contact 😉

Of course I don’t want to spill too much beans but what I noticed for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons where lots of knitted items. And, most important to me, pastels are here to stay, even during the next fall/winter season, yay! 😀

The first showroom I went to was the showroom from Ganbaroo (photo above). I saw a gorgeous piece from Dennis Diem, tried out the SLA teabar, pretty clutch and belts, gorgeous lingerie from Love Stories, a selfie and some gorgeous embellished garments.

Curious to see and read more?

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PS: Doe je al mee met mijn winactie in samenwerking met Treatwell?

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New in: OPSobjects Gold Attraction bracelet


Hi everyone,

Maybe you still remember the blogpost about the OPS! Bracelets, I wrote a while ago?  If not you can read it here: OPS! Bracelets from Italy 

I was so enthusiastic about the brand and their bracelets and now I have one of my own! Thank you so much FUSE communication! I love it <3 

The bracelet I got is actually one I used in he blogpost and it’s so cool! I really like the firm feel on the chains and the pendant is perfect too! It’s not only heart shaped but it also looks a lot like a guitar pick (which I did not notice when I wrote the earlier blogpost haha). Soon you will see the bracelet in one of my outfitposts of course but for now check out some pictures of the packaging and the bracelet itself! 🙂 


PS: don’t forget to join my mystery giveaway!! The first item from the goodiebox will be announced on Instagram later today! 🙂 You can join the giveaway HERE! 

Event: Pressdays Puur PR & FUSE Communication


Hi everyone,

Last week I went to two Amsterdam to visit two PR agency’s for their pressdays. The PR agency’s showed us the new collections from the brands they represent and of course there was also enough time for some chatting, networking and yummy bites and drinks. The first thing I thought at both of the pressdays was, wow this showroom is huge and I really got a lot of inspiration at the pressdays! 

Check out some of the photos I took in the showrooms, including some items that are definitely on my wishlist!! 

Ciao lovelies, hope you are having a lovely day! xo

Photos pressday PUUR PR:

Photos pressday FUSE communication: