Top 5 upcoming trends this fall

Top 5 upcoming trends this fall


Ciao dearies,

Last Wednesday I already shared some of my dream fall outfits with you in the Pinspiration blogpost! Today I am talking about fall fashion again, this time about my personal top 5 upcoming trends for this fall!

Let’s start with my number 5 and count down to my absolute favorite trend 🙂
Here we go!!

On fifth place: (faux) Fur
Furry jackets, gilets or stole’s are perfect for the fall winter season, warm and super fashionable. A trend that has returned now for several years. I personally love fur, however I like to stay mindful when buying fur. A lot of fur gathering is not done free of pain and I do love animals. That’s why I tend to look to brands that get their fur from farms where the animals have lived a long life or where the fur is a leftover product from the meat productions.

What do you think of fur?! Read on for the rest of my top 5 upcoming trends this fall…


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Trend report: A little bit of flare

Trend: A little bit of flare
Hi there lovely followers,
How has your weekend been? Mine has been super relaxed. I went to a part of Hollland with a lot of nature and old farms with family. It was just so nice to not be busy with social media, internet (although I was said the wifi did not work yesterday evening haha) and work.
Today I want to share a trend report from a trend I started noticing when I was shopping last week. Wide sleeves, flared jeans, wide wavy skirts, flared clothing is HOT! Luckily it does not only give me a seventies / hippies feeling, flared clothes also have a elegant touch to it. Personally I am not yet convinced, I do like the tops but the flared jeans, I just don’t know. But I would definitely like to try this trend and explore my options since this trend is just wearable by almost everybody. For example: a flared jeans or pantalon accentuates your waistline and it actually makes you look taller. Style a flared jeans with a chic blouse or pretty top. The other way around you could style a top with wide sleeves with a chic skinny jeans. Voila!
In the collage above you can see some of my favorite flared items, you definitely should have these items in your closet if you ask me ;).
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