Event: CoolCat, You’ve got it…

… Now show it!

Hi lovely followers, first of all I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was lovely! I went to a very cool event, and in this post I would like to tell you more about this event. It actually was my first event on invitation so I was pretty excited, haha. 

On Friday I went to Amsterdam, feeling a bit nervous. When I was at the event I found some other bloggers and got to know them a bit more. Some of the bloggers were actually people who really inspire me and who I follow for a while now. Including Chloë from Fashionista Chloë, Larissa from Kittehs Cupcakes & Rowan from Red Reiding Hood. The event started with some information about the new collection and the new Brand Identity from CoolCat. CoolCat wants to reach more people including adolescents and I think they are well on their way ’cause, wow what a nice collection! Really suitable for different styles and occasions! After the short speech  we could style and choose our own outfit, we could go into make-up and were able to get our hair styled in a professional way. 

Read on for more! 🙂 

The CoolCat store in Amsterdam:

Some of the pictures I shot myself, from left to right top to bottom: Amazing T-shirt, colorful cupcakes, props for the photoshoot, distressed denimshorts, mint color denim shorts, cupcakes in close-up and beneath that some very nice aztec shirts and tops!

I loved the new collection and I actually really had a hard time choosing the outfit I wanted to wear because there were so many options! So that meant, take all you can and go to the fitting rooms! On the pictures below you see me searching for the perfect outfit together with Veronique from a Touch of Fashion, such a sweet and stylish girl! 

Before getting dressed, first to the hair and make up! 

And than it was time for the photoshoot! Tada, what do you guys think of the result??

I really am in love with the outfit, thanks to the CoolCat we also got to keep our outfit which I am very grateful for! Thank you so much CoolCat and AwerenessEngineers for this cool event, did you happen to get curious to the new CoolCat collection? You can shop it in stores or online on www.coolcat.nl