Hi there dearies,

Today, I know it’s late but it is still Saturday haha, I want to share some insta-shots with you! In this Insta-Sarandipity I am taking you with me on my last adventures, or working days whatever haha. You can see it as just an Instagram diary but it will not be weekly, or monthly or on a specific day. Just when I feel like sharing something extra with you guys 😉

Lately I have been experiencing some inspirational and energy issues but a fun day with blogger babes always cheers me up. It gives me new motivation, inspiration and energy to pick up where I have left. And so here I am, ready to pick up with Sarandipity 2.0 where I left it. Ready to get organized again and ready to get posting again everyday, or at least more regular than I have been doing the past couple of months.

The work to move from Blogger to WordPress and the perfectionist approach I had to moving and my new website got me stressed out and caused me to not feel like blogging for a while. Hopefully this lack of inspiration is gone now so I can share some great posts with you again!

Starting of with this Insta-Sarandipity. To show you a little bit of what I have been doing the past few weeks.

Hope you like it!


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