Hello November – October OOTD recap

outfit-recap-october-sarandipity-fashion-blog-ootd- October OOTD recap

Ciao dearies!

November is here and while the temperatures here in Holland are still pretty good it its slowly getting colder! In October I shared 6 different outfits with you and today I want to say Hello to November and share my October OOTD recap with you.

So the first outfit I shared with you last month was my final outfit from Firenze, where I explained to you how I felt ‘free like a butterfly‘ at that moment. The photos were made by my Swiss friend Diego when we were at one of the most pretty places in Firenze with a gorgeous view over the whole city and its nature and surrounding towns. I still miss Firenze so much, and I really hope that I will be able to visit this city more often! (Right now I am figuring out if it is possible to study there for a semester or something…)

In the second outfit I am showing you my new leather boots from DUOย for the first time! As u can see I love them since they return in two other looks as well haha.

My third look was, just as the first one, a bit more personal and had a deeper meaning. For me it is important to speak my mind and don’t bottle up my feelings. Read the full story on this outfit and tell me what you think.

Outfit number four shows you my favorite denim jacket whit my blog name on it. I am so happy with this item! Look number five for sure is my most favorite outfit of this October OOTD recap. I love the items individually but together it is just perfect if you ask me. And the background of these photos is amazing as well. Oh how I love Rotterdam! Look number five is more recent and with this look I just loved how it showed my more mature and serious side. The other side also shows a gorgeous felt bag from Otra-Parte!

Which look is your favorite?



Free as a butterfly – Outfit post


Ciao ragazzi,

It’s my birthday today, yay! For a special day like this I had a special outfit in mind! Something with a meaning, something which fits the way how I see life at the moment… Above all something that represents what I am working towards, which future I am building, free as a butterfly… ๐Ÿ™‚

Shooting this look was so much fun and it was at an amazing location with a view all over the city and the smaller towns around Firenze. I also had two (!) photographers, the lovely Shawn & Diego (thanks guys for everything!) which made me feel like a celebrity haha. People even started making photos of us shooting, especially the Asian tourists. Very funny situation haha, I’m actually surprised I did not feel awkward or anything, it actually was fun, because in Holland I sometimes feel very awkward when people watch your shooting session.

No, in Firenze I felt free! I did not care and I fluttered around the city, trying to see all the sights while relaxing and having the most fun possible. I literally felt like I was free as a butterfly.

This freedom, this feeling was also the setting and feel that I wanted to show you guys in the outfit. I went for a fun, playful playsuit from Liquorish with, yup, butterflies (farfalle in Italiano)! Hence the free as a butterfly titel ๐Ÿ˜‰ I fell in love with this playsuit when I saw it on ASOS, the little details on the back, the kaleidoscope butterfly print, the colors, it just screamed ‘Take me with you to Firenze’ haha. It’s actually one of my favorite summer outfits now (too bad summer is over haha).

I am wearing a playsuit from Liquorish (bought on ASOS.com), sunglasses from VANS, necklace from KarmaMantra, camera / handbag from JoTotes (thanks to my lovely parents), bracelet from Noosa Amsterdam, watch from IKKI and heels from H&M.

Now I am very curious! What do you think of this free as a butterfly OOTD / outfit, the view and also what did you think of this blogpost where I told you more about the feeling (the free as a butterfly feeling) and the idea behind the actual look?


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