Rotterdam Old Harbour – Outfit post

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Ciao loves,

Today I want to show you own of my favorite looks lately. I wore this last week when I visited the Citizen M hotel in Rotterdam and the International Film Festival in my old hometown! When I stayed at the Citizen M hotel in Rotterdam I just had to shoot my current favorite outfit in one of the prettiest hotspots of Rotterdam, the Old Harbour! What do you think of the location? Doesn’t it look pretty?!

This look is one of my favorites as the look itself is pretty easy going and it has two real eyecatchers, the boots and the clutch! The rest of the outfit is all black and all of the items I am wearing are actually some of my favorite pieces!

The basic turtleneck from Le Petit Bateau* (via Ganbaroo) is just super comfy, the leather jacket (Oakwood) my go to item, the skirt (Zara) is super pretty and very easy to style and the tights give the whole look a little bit of a sexy twist.

But mostly I am in love with the snakeskin boots! These boots from Ted & Muffy* are not only gorgeous, they are pretty comfy as well! When shopping at Ted & Muffy you can pick not only your size but also the wide of your feet and calves so your boots or shoes just fit like a glove! Perfect when you are a girl that loves to wear her favorite heels to every occasion but get’s sore feet quickly 😉

What do you think of my new boots?!


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PS: Can you see that I was super tired? Those are some designer bags under my eyes 😉

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Pretty and preppy – OOTD

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Ciao dearies,

Today I want to show you an outfit with which I am madly in love! A preppy outfit shot during the most pretty time of the year. The streets full of warm orange and yellow fallen leaves, green grass and tress that celebrate their last moment before going into a winters sleep without leaves.

With the sun shining brightly I figured it was the perfect place to shoot this fall preppy outfit, so here it is! I can not wait to hear your opinion on this outfit and the photos.

But first, what am I wearing? This preppy outfit is styled totally around the Tommy Hilfiger boots (via Omoda)*. I am madly in love with this boots and although I borrowed them to shoot I actually really want to just add them to my shoe collection! Any thoughts whether I should do that?? So from the shoes on I decided that I wanted to play with the main colors from the booties. navy and burgundy. I am wearing a top from Primark and a skirt from H&M. Well, I think I pretty much succeeded right? To finish the look I decided to wear my beige Fashion Union trench coat for a little bit of extra preppy-ness and my Michael Kors* bag.

What do you think of this pretty and preppy OOTD?! Let me know in a comment.


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Don’t bottle up – Outfit post


Ciao ragazzi,

Today I want to show you a new outfit and talk a bit of how I am feeling lately… I am happy and everything is going pretty well I guess, except for the fact that I lack energy. I am procrastinating my work for my blog while I actually enjoy it so much! Maybe it is because I just need to get back into my regular blog schedule (3 outfits a week and so on) or maybe it is something different… I am quiet busy with working at H&M, thinking about starting my company and worry about what the future will bring me.

I have a lot of different ambitions and one of them is to build my blog into something more. Besides that I still want to get my masters degree, in something that I really really like to do (fashion communication and media or something) and I really would like to have a longer abroad experience (Italy got me and stole my heart, but I think that is pretty much clear for everyone of you reading my blog haha).

As I am a huge worrier and sensitive person I decided to try to not bottle up anymore (niks meer opcroppen ;)) From now on I am trying to change my mentality, to look more to the bright and positive side and just make the best out of it… And besides that hopefully saving up money quickly to go abroad for a year! I am trying to let go and lose my pessimistic views some more. Let’s see what’s in the cards for me!

With this outfit I try to reassemble my feeling of bottling up (in Dutch it’s called opkroppen) by wearing a pastel pink satin cropped top and a jacket that is opened, loosely hanging over my shoulders to protect me from the wind but open for new views and opportunities.

I am wearing: Jacket from Mango, Top and bottom from, Boots from Invito (borrowed from Britt because I loved how they made this look a little bit more raw) and my current regular jewelry.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you have any tips to let go a bit more just leave them in the comments!

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Friday Favorites – Fall wardrobe essentials

Lana Del Rey pale pink fluffy jumper H&M high street fall wardrobe essentials fashion blog sarandipity

Photo credits: H&M fall 2012 campagin

Ciao ragazzi,

Fall is here and it’s time to get your autumn & winter wardrobe ready. In todays Friday Favorites I want to tell you what I think are this years fall wardrobe essentials! From fluffy sweaters like the one above (just an example since it’s an older campaign) to statement accessories! With this blogpost you can go shopping to get your clothing stash fall ready!

Starting of with the fluffy sweater, fluffy, soft items are definite a musthave and are fall wardrobe essentials. With a fluffy sweater you can not go wrong! Go for a pastel colored version or stick to black or white. There are a lot of different fits this season as well, like oversized, cropped or a normal fit. I suggest buying different fits so you can have a fluffy item for different occasions to style in a totally different way! A fluffy or faux fur jacket is also a great essential for this years fall, combine it with a fluffy sweater for a ready-to-cuddle look! 😉

Second of the fall wardrobe essentials to me is a (faux) leather pants, a timeless piece which just screams power woman haha. Definitely a must buy!

What else do I think is an essential piece for your wardrobe? Read more for some other shopping suggestions! Continue reading

Casual boho – Outfit post

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I am showing you more of the results from the shoot that I had with friend Raquel last weekend! This time I went for a casual boho sort of look wearing my new boots.

I bought these boots when I went to the designer outlet in  Roermond and me and my boyfriend saw these beauties and he suggested I tried them on. Well I did and I could just not not buy them for the bargain price they were! So now I think I do have enough shoes for the summer and for winter as well haha.

About the photos a bit more, Raquel told me she loved non-posed photos and so we tried some different things including this spontanious jumping from the street to the curb… I really can’t wait to hear what you guys think of this look!

The outfit I am wearing is a kimono from H&M, tanktop from H&M, jeans from WE FASHION (Thanks to Unlimited PR, I still need to DIY it though haha) and my new boots from Tommy Hilfiger. My jewelry is from Noosa, Pandora and Ikki.

What do you guys think of this look?
Have a nice weekend!

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