Top 5 favorite Instagram accounts

top 5 favorite instagram accounts

Ciao dearies,

I love browsing through Instagram, discovering new bloggers, new amazing places to put on my travel wishlist, to get inspired and more. You could easily call Instagram one of my addictions hehe…

Today I am sharing my top 5, or should I say 6(!), Instagram accounts with you all. Some which I follow only for their style, or their amazing adventures. But some others I follow because they inspire me to grow, to become better in the things I do! First up is the account above.

On number 5:
Rumineely from Fashiontoast
I really love her style and her outfits. This girl always looks fabulous and shares the greatest pictures on her Insta. Her feed makes me wish I lived in a sunny place with a lot of flowers and palmtrees! 😉


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Event: ilovefashionbloggers Q&A

ilovefashionbloggers Q&A Linda Tol Yara Michels Negin Mirsalehi

Good morning!

Last weekend I went back to Rotterdam for a super awesome event that I already told you about a while ago. It was finally time for the big ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event! I went up early and took the train to Rotterdam Centraal. During the trainride I had a lot of fun while chatting with fellow fashion blogger Lisa from LittleBlonde.

After arriving at the train station I met up with the lovely Nathalie and Joyce, as we would all be helping Jolique and May during the day we had to go quickly because we were running a bit late.

After arriving Nathalie and me immediately got set up to check out all the entree tickets and tell the arriving guests everything they needed to know 🙂

#Christmas Blogger Project: Behind the scenes!


Hi all!

Last monday I went to Amsterdam in the late afternoon for something very exciting! I am not going to tell you much about it yet… But I can tell you this; I made a very cool video together with a couple of other Dutch fashionbloggers (Nathalie, Iris, Virgit, Sharon, Sonja and Wendy) on an awesome location! Lovely Jolique from ilovefashionbloggers and sweet Vivian from BloggerNet helped us a lot, thank you guys so much! We definitely could not have done this without them! 

Well just check out this behind the scenes shots and above all, stay tuned!! 
For more pictures check out my facebook page and my instagram account!


Event: YBS 2.0 launch


Fashionbloggers fashionblog youngbutsuccesful succes youngprofessionals networking onlinecommunity YBS YBS2.0 event launch website blogger blog fashionblog fashion lifestyle beauty career community
Hi all! 

A couple of weeks a go I went to the launch from the renewed YBS networking platform! The event was not very big but it did what it was meant to do, get me to join the YBS community and also do some networking! 

Young But Succesful is an online community focussing on young professionals in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle business. At the site you can get your own profile to share blogposts and more but you can also chat on fora or read some of the inspiring interviews with for example Rodrigo Otazu.

Check out the YBS, Young But Succesful website HERE!

I met a couple of fellow bloggers at the Young But Succesful event and together we had a lot of fun! At the end of the event we got an amazing goodiebag! Check out some of the photos 🙂 


Fashionbloggers fashionblog youngbutsuccesful succes youngprofessionals networking onlinecommunity YBS YBS2.0 event launch website blogger blog fashionblog fashion lifestyle beauty career community
With some fellow bloggers 🙂 Photo from Dress Like Me

And some Instagram shots from the event! Photo’s from the YBS instagram and my own 🙂


1. The YBS 2.0 launch goodiebag! I am so in love with the Loavies Fashion tee!! 🙂 
2. A short presentation about the renewed online platform
3. Model & actress Mounira Mansour, I met her at the event and I really loved her outfit!
4. With Kevin from The Viewfinder & Anouk from Stylememories, busy Instagramming and paying attention 😉
Fashionbloggers fashionblog youngbutsuccesful succes youngprofessionals networking onlinecommunity YBS YBS2.0 event launch website blogger blog fashionblog fashion lifestyle beauty career community

Event: the BIG U VI by Unlimited PR


Hi dear followers!

Last week has been really amazing, as I already told you in the previous blogpost 😉 It started on Wednesday with the bloggersevent from Unlimited PR, called the BIG U! Well it certainly was BIG, it was HUGE!! 😀 So in this blogpost I will tell you all about this event, I will let you in on some details of what I did during the event and more!

Click on read more for the full report! (Photo’s made be me, the photobooth, de Fotomeisjes)

xoxo Saranda

During the event we had a lot of cool things to do! You could go into make-up, get to know new brands, go into a photobooth and you could also style the DRYKORN IT-coat of this season! Oversized is HOT, and so is this very lovely coat by DRYKORN! Such a musthave, in my humble opinion! Can I have it, pleasseeeee? O=)

I styled this coat the way you can see below, with a shirt from DRYKORN itself and with a jeans from Pepe Jeans! 🙂 At the event I also wanted to have a photo of me with my styling, while working on this blogpost I suddenly thought that the coat also would be very cool in combination with the outfit I was wearing at the event haha. 

What do you think of the way I styled the IT-coat??

Having a lot of fun in the photobooth with a couple of fellow bloggers 🙂 First styling the Calvin Klein Jewelry! Look at the lovely watch and cool necklace! <3 I really love the rose gold jewelry set I am wearing in this pictures.

And the Pepe Jeans photobooth! Pepe Jeans celebrated their 40th birthday, congratulations to Pepe Jeans!!! 😀 In the booth I was wearing a cool Pepe Jeans beany from their new fall/winter collection, I loved that beany! What do you guys think how it looks on me? I think it looks pretty good, not what I expected haha. (I am even considering to buy this particular beany!) Maybe it is the Pepe Jeans photobooth  magic that makes it look good haha 😉 By the way, check out that lovely Britain flag in the background, looks cool right? This pictures are so fun, I love photobooths! 🙂

Next stop, the M.A.C. cosmetics corner!

Walking around the showroom I came across Mi Pacha, a dutch shoebrand with shoes that are inspired by Peru and also handmade in Peru! And of course Unlimited PR made sure we did not starve, look at these delicious bites and cute Tiffany’s cupcakes!!
One of the other cool things to do was the Music Bingo! Put on the headphones, listen to music and see if the song that is playing is on your bingo card! Lucky me for being such a music addict, I won!!! And the price?? Your own Sennheiser Momentum headphones, wow! 
Last, but definitely not least, we got the chance to choose a pair of UGGs Classic Mini and to have them get customized with Swarovski stones! I chose the black UGG’s and got my initials on them 🙂
As you can understand by now I really had an A-MA-ZING time! I am so grateful for the invite and want to thank Unlimited PR for the good care. They really spoiled us bloggers! I also would like to thank UGG Australia for the lovely, warm, customized boots and Sennheiser for the great headphones! 

I can say, without a doubt, that I can’t wait for the next Unlimited PR event!
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