Beaches and bikini’s


Bikini’s from Bikinibiza Love Me Do and Peace for Poppy โ‚ฌ149,96 on

Hi there!

After two days of working I feel the need to go to the beach rising every minute! It’s so hot, I mean really hot not just warm, in Holland! With tomorrow maybe even a temperature of 36 degrees celsius! Therefore, and since I have never done a blogpost about bikini’s, I am blogging about beaches and bikini’s today!

In this blogpost I will show you some of my favorite bikini’s from different brands and stores and besides that some lovely beach pictures! I hope you’ll like this post, please let me know if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

Ciao and enjoy the sun as long as possible!!
Lovely Bunaken near Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia!

This bikini’s from H&M are lovely as well! I really like the bikini’s from H&M because you can order the top and the bottom apart from each other. This is great because a) you can now mix and match different styles and colors and because b) you can buy different sized tops and bottoms, which I am so happy about, YAY for H&M!

You can buy this two bikini sets at H& For set 1 click HERE and HERE and for set 2 click HERE and HERE.
Kuta Beach in Bali at sundown!

You can also find some great bikinis on! Check out these beauties!
If you are in love: Bruno Banani โ‚ฌ54,95, Esprit โ‚ฌ49,95, Maaji Midnight Cupcakes  โ‚ฌ119,95

And now for my personal favorites! I am so in love with these two bikini’s from Dunnas and Bikinibiza!
The left bikini is from Dunnas, I really like the colors and design of this bikini! You can buy this one HERE. And the bikini on the right is from the lovely brand Bikinibiza, I really like their bikini’s because the designs are very variable and so stylish and original! You can buy this great bikini HERE!

I want to end this blogpost with this little paradise on earth picture! This lovely island is somewhere in Raja Ampat, near  West Papua, Indonesia and really is heaven on earth! If you ever going to visit Indonesia and you are going to back pack you should really go there!

What do you think of all this beaches and bikini’s?? ๐Ÿ™‚