On the edge – Outfit post

fashion outfit ootd sarandipity over the edge messy bun andy wolf sunglasses zara pearl earrings

Buongiorno ragazzi!

This early morning I would like to show you the first outfit of my Firenze OOTD shoot with my fellow Italian students Diego & Shawn! Normally I make my photos with my boyfriend or with blogger babe Britt from Brittamaxime.com but as both of them were not with me in Firenze I needed to find someone else! Lucky for me I found these great guys that made some really gorgeous photos! Let me tell you a bit more about this on the edge – outfit post…

We shot this look at a bridge and I actually did some risky stuff like holding my shark tooth Fashionology necklace over the rail of the bridge crossing the Arno river. I also looked down a couple of times with the big risk of loosing my sunglasses. Thankfully none of this happend and I still have all my precious items hihi.

This look actually was one of my favorites during my adventures in Italy. It is super comfy thanks to my Nikes and cute & feminine because of the skirt and the sunglasses! A casual sporty chic look great for a night dancing or going out for drinks!

So what am I wearing?
From head to toe: Sunglasses by Andy Wolf thanks to bckspace eyewear, Pearl earrings by Zara, Shark tooth necklace by Fashionology, Basic tank from H&M, Skirt from Zara and Nike Airmax LE sneakers.

As usual I would love to hear your opinion on this look so let me know in a comment 🙂


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Easy breezy bracelets – Outfit post


Good morning dearies!

While I was in Amsterdam last Saturday I shot a very easy breezy outfit with a lot of armcandy. Hence the title Easy breezy bracelets 😉 This look is actually very basic, I am wearing my all-time favorite jacket and besides that my currently favorite glasses and favorite heels. A lot of favorites in a very laid back outfit 😉

I shoot a lot of outfits that are a bit more dressed up, but an outfit like this would be the perfect work outfit or just when going to a bar, the movies or shopping.

This easy breezy outfit with the focus on accessories is really a look that is super comfy for me. Okay the heels are not the most easy to walk on in the Amsterdamned curbstones 😉

I really love the easy breezy bracelets I am wearing in this look. Two of them might be a little bit familiar to you since I wear these quite a lot but the ponyhair Noosa Amsterdam bracelet is new to my bracelets family. You might notice I have two Turquoise chunks on these Noosa bracelets right now and that is because Turquoise is my favorite gemstone. Not only do I just ADORE the color Turquoise but I also believe a little bit in the healing and good vibrations certain gemstones can give you…

Click on the read more button for more pictures 🙂


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Visiting bckspace eyewear

bckspace eyewear-amsterdam-store-glasses-sunglasses-andywolf-dita-stellamccartney-blqegeneve-fashion-report-sarandipity7

Hi dearies!

Today a little bit of a special blogpost about my all-time favorite glasses shop: bckspace eyewear (previous Eye Respect Amsterdam)! I have been working with them for a while now and I really love how the two owners give great service. They really help you find the perfect (sun)glasses for your face and hair that match your fashion style as well.

A couple of months ago they expanded their store with a basement and the whole store looks just gorgeous! During fashion week bckspace | eyewear celebrated their 1 year anniversary with some drinks and music. The evening was a lot of fun and I talked to some really inspiring people.

Bckspace | eyewear is more than just a normal boutique shop for glasses and sunglasses. They are all about supporting sustainability, creativity, artistic works and new talent. For example they sell some really cool brands that are still quite smal but high end as well. Take Andy Wolf an eyewear brand from Austria that designs some amazing looking sunglasses or the amazing brand Dick Moby. Dick Moby is an Amsterdam based brand with the goal to make oceans cleaner by creating sustainable sunglasses hand made in Italy from biological acetate.

This little boutique shop really gives me a great feeling. It has a little bit the feeling of coming home. And the interior really inspires me as well. Take a look at some of the photos I made the last time I visited and let me know what you think about this lovely store!

Don’t forget to check out bckspace | eyewear online, on facebook or instagram.


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Perfect pastels – Outfit post


Good morning dearies!

Today I have a new outfit post for you with some new products! I wore this look on my last day at MBFWA (Amsterdam Fashion Week) and I was really looking forward to wearing this maxi dress with sheer back!

I bought it in the sale at Zara, the dress was a bit to long for a shorty like me but my mom helped out great by making the straps a little bit shorter (thank you mom!! <3). While packing my outfits and other stuff for fashion week I immediately knew this dress was perfect to show of some Bohotats from my internship! The dress with pretty deep cleavage gave me the opportunity to wear one of my favorite Bohotats, the dreamcatcher necklace!

I decided to stick to pastels for this outfit because I felt like that gave the look more flair and more of a boho-ish chic, summer vibe. Besides the fact that I am wearing some of my favorite Bohotats, I am also wearing my favorite bracelets from NOOSA Amsterdam and Pandora.  And I am wearing a very cute petite mochila by Isabelli, thanks to my sweet #girlbosses at My Isabelli! I feel like this outfit succeeded thanks to the combination of the dress and the accessories. The dress itself is not that special or eye catching (although the back and side area are), and the accessories made the look work!

The total outfit: Dress – Zara / Heels – MANGO / Petite mochila – My Isabelli / Bracelets – NOOSA Amsterdam & Pandora / Bohotats / Sunglasses – Andy Wolf eyewear (thanks to bckspace eyewear Amsterdam)

What do you think of this look? To me this outfit has as a little bit of a jetset kind of feeling haha. Let me know your opinion in a comment!


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Friday Favorites: Sunglasses


Hi dearies,

Sunglasses are probably THE ultimate fashion accessory during summer times. First of all, you just NEED them because else you get blinded by the sunshine and second of all they come in tons of different styles and shapes!

Yay for sunglasses! Today I want to share some of my favorite sunglasses with you. To be honest I can never have enough sunnies! They are easy to take with you, easy to switch, sunglasses can upgrade your total look and they have a nice effect one your overall appearance.

That is also the reason why I tend to have a lot of different types of sunglasses in my collection. For example the first one on the picture above is a more fierce, casual type of sunglasses, which is perfect to spice up a simple look. Also I just love the mirrored glasses! This aviator type sunglasses is from Marma London, sponsored by bckspace | eyewear.

Another one of my favorites is my VANS cat-eye glasses. Super low-maintenance, easy to take with me everywhere and one that matches with almost every outfit. I got this one from Ganbaroo and I have worn them a lot (understatement) since that day.

I also still have my golden oldie from VOGUE eyewear which has a HUGE jet-set feel to it if you ask me… And last but not least the pink sunnies I wrote about earlier from AM Eyewear. Sophisticated, chic and different, I love it!

Which one of these sunglasses do you love best?


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