Milan Fashion Week streetstyle


Ciao ragazzi,

Come stai, how are you all doing? Todays blogpost does not need any words if you ask me! During my three weeks in Italy I got the opportunity to go to Milan Fashion Week and besides visiting some shows I also shot a lot of different photos of fabulous looking people with amazing outfits.

So I got the chance to shoot some Milan Fashion Week streetstyle and of course I could not just let that opportunity pass by! Shooting these photos was a lovely experience, it was so cool to be standing there between all the magazine photographers and to make pretty pictures of bloggers and editors!

For a first try at streetstyle photography I think the photos turned out pretty good but I definitely need some more practice haha… Maybe next season?! We will see haha.

Enjoy these pictures and let me know what you think of my personal Milan Fashion Week streetstyle selection! Which look or detail do you like best? Let me know dearies!

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Isabelli: Behind the scenes Summer Lookbook

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Hello there,

Today I want to tell you a bit about my work at Isabelli! Since a month I am working as all-round intern and so far I have already done some amazing things! I would love to share some of the work I have done with you and I would also love to take you with me sometime on a working day or week. Would you guys be interested in seeing a plog with how a working day / week looks like for me and the Isabelli team? 🙂

My first working day I helped at the photoshoot for our new Summer Lookbook and a few weeks later I did the shooting myself for a new product: Bohotats. So for this blogpost I would like to share some of the photos that are made at the photoshoot we had at Woodstock ’69 and some of the un-edited photos of the Bohotats shoot.

As usual I would love to hear your opinion!

By the way, we already launched our Summer Lookbook so check it out online and as a little extra we also have a discount code which you can use until Sunday! By using the promocode: LOOKBOOK you get 20% of your order 🙂

Photographer Mochila looks: Ilse van den Meijdenberg


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