Personal: Happy Challenge week #3

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Hi there,

Time for part three of the Happy Challenge. This time it is all about making your dreams and wishes visual. With this challenge I decided to focus on what my dreams and goals are right now and a little bit for the future but not for my whole life. I guess I like changes and therefore nothing is determined yet as where I will eventually end up haha.

So let’s make it visual!

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Personal: Happy Challenge week #2


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My SATC dreams 😉


Good morning lovely followers,

Today it’s time for the second happy challenge assignment. This one is all about dreaming and figuring out what your dream is or what your dreams are. For me one of my biggest dreams is to make a living out of what I love most. Fashion and writing. I once said during the course of fashion journalism that I would love to work for the Italian VOGUE. Hey, they say you should dream big, right?! 

In a workshop during the event I organized for my job I learned that I love to share. Sharing my knowledge, passion and inspiration in a lot of different ways gives me joy. For example by blogging and writing, but also by giving workshops. 

To me being able to write about my passions for a living would be one of the best things that could happen to me. It would also be something that would really match my personality, passions and values. 

Of course their are some things that are in the way. For example I should get more experience in writing, I need to learn Italian and so on. But this does not say that my dream is impossible! Audrey Hepburn once said: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” And don’t worry, I would also settle for less than the Italian VOGUE haha. 


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Personal: Happy Challenge week #1


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Happy Monday! 

Most of the days I don’t really look forward to Monday, but today it’s different. Not only because I am going to see my lovely friend Dagmar (who is always super positive and I love her for that), not because I will be shopping at the newly opened Primark in Nijmegen, but because I will start the HAPPY Challenge. 

I have always been a very sensitive person and although I am a whole lot tougher than I have been before, I still tend to get stressed out, nervous and insecure pretty fast. For example when things at work don’t go the way I want them to go, or when I just take to much weight on my shoulders. I have noticed last week that when this happens, after the stress I get tired and very unhappy with my situation.

Time for a different approach on life! For the next 10 weeks and more I will be joining the HAPPY Challenge and we will see what happens. I might even join the challenge and I will work on my personal development.

Week #1 of the HAPPY Challenge is all about my values. What are my values and what do these mean to me… Click on read more to find out 


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My values, thinking about this and deciding which values are most important to me took some time. I think it’s pretty hard to pick only a couple of values but I did my best 😉
First: Love 
To me love is so important. From the moment you have been born until you grow old, love is something you need as a person. Not only to get it, but also to share love and give love to the people around you. Being a loving and friendly person is one of the essential values for me in my life. I always try to be loving, friendly and helpful to other people.
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Second: Openness (which to me includes trust and respect)
In my humble opinion everyone should be open to one another. By being open, truthful and respectful the world would be a little bit better I think. Trusting each other is very important when opening up to other people. Respect as well, since everyone has their own opinion, background, culture, habits etc. and these should be respected. Openness is also about having an open view on the world and being open to experience new and different things.
Third: Freedom
Freedom is very important to me, freedom to speak, freedom to form an opinion, freedom to do the things I love. But more importantly freedom to go where you want to go, to feel, to choose, to be yourself.
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And then number four and five, which are inherent with this challenge, are happiness and being able to dream.
Happiness should not be a destination but happiness should be a road, the way to go in life. And well being able to dream, dreaming big and achieving your goals should be valued more in this society.
Let’s get happy! ^^

(This super HAPPY Pharrell song just has to be shared with this post, including the lyrics and some super cute Despicable Me minions… hihi)

Do you know, that YOU are BEAUTIFUL?

Saw this great video from DOVE this morning and I almost teared up…
It’s just incredible to see how woman don’t know they are beautiful while others do see that beauty.

Check out the video:

What do you think of this amazing video? 

Do you sometimes or maybe even most of the time feel like you are not beautiful? You are beautiful! 
I’m sometimes very insecure about my appearance, which I think everyone is sometimes! 

Let this video learn you a lesson, you are beautiful! xoxo

PS: just found out you can compliment your friends with a DOVE facebook App