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Hi there,

Sorry my post is so late today but I have a reason for it which I will explain later this week.
Today I would like to tell you a bit about some of my favorite beauty products. My interest for beauty is growing lately and I feel like I really have some hidden pearls in my make-up and beauty stash haha.

First a little overview of all the products. Read on for a little review about some of my favorites…

  • Dolce & Gabbana ‘Desire’ perfume, thanks to Dijksman Communication
  • L’oreal LUMI Magique light infusing foundation
  • Sally Hansen nailpolish in color 406 ‘Purple Heart’
  • Hannah Touch of Silk
  • Lush Bubblegum lipscrub
  • Lush Ultrabland facial cleanser
  • M.A.C. Lady Danger lipstick
  • The Body Shop Coconut bodybutter
  • L’oreal Wild Stylers Depolish paste
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YSL Manifesto l’elixir


Hi dear followers,

A few weeks ago I won the YSL Manifesto l’elixir perfume on twitter! I was and still am sooo happy with it! I already knew how the perfume smelled, because a while a go the fragrance was in the Dutch VOGUE and it really also lasted really long. I still remember myself smelling the pages of my VOGUE magazine haha. I waited a while and had not bought the perfume yet since I always try to first use up my old stuff before buying new ones. No matter how much I am being triggered by the smell. 

The fragrance is sweet and also has a little bit of naughty / sexy and curiousity in it… Well I am no perfume expert’or beauty blogger so, this is just how I personally see it! 🙂If you are looking for a cool gift for on your wishlist, this perfume should really be on it! 


Shoplog Double Beauty & Herome

My purchases, all from Herome, stuffed in a Herome beauty bag.

Good evening all,

As you know I have been to two beauty events lately, the Double Beauty showroom opening and the Herome Cosmetics 31st birthday party  The events were lovely and I couldn’t help myself but do some shopping. So now I have bought quite the huge nail polish and nail care collection in the last two to three weeks haha.

In this blogpost I will post some pictures from the items I have bought. I really hope you all like it!

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I bought this W.I.C. nail polishes at the Double Beauty showroom opening, the first nail polish is number 57, Napoli, the second was in the goodiebag we got at the event and is number 154 Aarhus. Last but not least, number 82, Paris with a free matching lipgloss! 
But that’s not all. At the birthday party from Herome I also bought some nice nail care products and one polish.  
This nail whitener is so chique and sophisticated. It makes the nail white even whiter and the  natural pink color of your nails more pink. One of the most beautiful polishes in my opinion! I also bought some nail care products, a glass-vile and S.O.S. nail repair glue. And, Herome gave all the party people a nice gift, their wonderpen. This is a pencil with a little brush at the  end with which you can soften and moisturize your cuticles and your nail, I am really curious about the results from using the wonderpen! 

And so my Herome products addiction began… When I went to the drugstore, to buy some skin and hair care products, I saw the discount corner and the sold a Herome French Manicure Set Glamour for only €10,- when the normal price would have been above €20,-! So I just couldn’t help myself and bought this set as well.  Who says I am a nail polish addict?!


Event: Showroom opening Double Beauty

Hi all, long time no see 😉 … I know I have been blogging less lately and I am so sorry. I promise you all that I am coming back strong haha. There are a lot of nice articles ready to be published or in draft to be written! 🙂

I have been quite busy with graduating lately and I can finally see, I am graduated!! 
Officially I am now a Bachelor of Applied Psychology, yay me! :”D So tomorrow you can expect a search for the right graduation dress post, besides the weekly tuesdays Instagram update. For now I want to show some pictures to you from a store opening I went to last week with fellow blogger Deniece from Kotton Kandy! 🙂 

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PS: The moment GFC will shot down comes closer and closer and I saw some handy blogpost about how to convert your Google Reader feeds into your Bloglovin’ account! Read it HERE and HERE, hope to see you all on Bloglovin’!! <3

The showroom opening from Double Beauty was very well organised, small, but great to get to meet the owners and to try the products they sell. You could do your nails, you could get visage and the girls where also available to style your hair! I loved the cozy feel of the opening and how open the girls from Double Beauty where to me and Deniece. 

Double Beauty sells a lot of different brands, for example Herome, Herome WIC, Everyday Minerals, Too Faced, Burt’s Bees, Bedhead, Geisha and soon they will even start their own skincare line with Monoi de Tahiti products ( I LOVE Monoi de Tahiti!!! <3 )

I really think the opening was a very nice and pampering experience! We got our nails done, my hair was styled and I went home with some lovely nailpolishes from WIC and a goodiebag!! Oh, before I forget… the Double Beauty showroom is based in Amsterdam at the Spaandammerstraat for the ones interested 😉 

The Holland Beauty Awards 2013

Hi all, 

Yesterday the Holland Beauty Awards have been given to the BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS from 2012. I was very curious about the winning products and so I followed the Holland Beauty Awards on twitter. And when they had a giveaway of course I joined, which made me win an AMAZING goodiebag with some of the best beauty products according to the awards! More about my priceless goodiebag from Holland Beauty Awards later this week! Maybe even an unboxing video! Which would be my first video-log!

The awards where divided into different categories, lips; nails; eyes; foundation; perfume (mens / womens); salon; bodycare; luxurious bodycare; facial care; luxurious facial care and hair. Besides this categories they also picked out the best Beauty Blogger, a dutch pretty celeb with a good heart and every magazine working with the Holland Beauty Awards choose their own favorite product. Check out all the award winning products HERE! 

From all the winning products I LOVE Essie the most, their nailpolishes are just perfect! Great coverage within two layers, amazing colors and the nailpolish doesn’t chip that much! Besides that I would love to try the YSL lipcolor. It’s great right, a lipgloss with the color and coverage of a lipstick? Also I would still love to try out the OPI Gelcolors, I heard good things about the product and with this award won I will definitely go to a nail saloon very soon! Concerning the Nivea and Andrelon products, loved them from the beginning these products are just great. Mostly dry shampoo is one of the best inventions ever! Last but not least, after reading a bit more about the Chanel Coco Noir perfume I really need to go smell that scent and decide if I want / need to have it… The description of the perfume sounds perfect so I am very curious!

Ciao, Saranda @ Sarandipity