MBFWA: IINUA by Joelle Boers & Bregje Cox


Hi dearies,

Oh my it’s late already! Almost time to go to bed… But before I do hit my soft mattress, I want to share some photos from one of my favorite fashion shows at MBFWA: IINUA.

On my first day I was happy to be able to attend the show from Joelle Boers & Bregje Cox, two very talented people graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Maastricht.
I was super excited for the show and made sure to have a nice spot in the audience so I could make some cool shots.

The designs, inspired by the native Inuit tribes, showed gorgeous graphic prints looking like rocks and crystals. All the details in the designs fell into place perfectly, including the gorgeous killer shoes by Chris van den Elzen and the masks. The use of a soft and icy blue with a little bit of sea green gave the IINUA collection even more power.

Overall this collection really got stuck in my mind. The items where really wearable as well as original and creative. I think that this fashion show might have been one of the best ones I have seen during this edition of MBFWA! Some of my favorites were the skirt with see-through material, the gemstone sweather (comfy!) and every item of the fifth look (see below). I might even buy them if possible and affordable!

I am looking forward to hear and see more from Joelle Boers & Bregje Cox!

What do you think of this collection?


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