Welcome to my fashion, lifestyle & travel blog where you can see the world through my eyes. Having a great passion for fashion paired with a psychology degree allows me to see life through a unique perspective.

I don’t just look at fashion in one way, but try to explore it from multiple point of views. I enjoy analyzing and deconstructing fashion movements to understand them and find out why they have such a huge impact on human culture. Fashion is a way to not only express yourself but also a way of letting people know who you are without speaking. It gives you the possibility to take control over the first impression you leave, so you can grasp every  opportunity that comes your way with both hands.

When people say the world of fashion is superficial, they miss a whole part about this beautiful journey we call fashion and style. I want more people to understand the essence and depth of fashion. Behind each trend is a science. Behind each OOTD is a feeling, an idea, a personality.

Next to my everlasting love for fashion I love to share personal stories about my life, lifestyle and about my travel adventures with you all.

I am a 26 year old creative soul, who loves to share knowledge, teach, write, read and discuss. Besides this I am eager to learn as well. You can never know enough and you will learn something everyday of your life. My biggest strengths are my enthusiasm, openness and communicative skills. I love new challenges and see them as a way to grow and further my experience.

The name of the blog Sarandipity comes from Serendipity: A “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. When I was searching for a blog name, I knew I wanted to include a part of myself in it. And then it hit me: Sarandipity. Happy accidents can happen to all of us 😉  SarandaAdriana.com and Sarandipity is the epitome of me in every way possible. So welcome to my world!

xoxo Saranda

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