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SarandaAdriana graduated Msc Business Communication and Digital Media Tilburg University

Hi there!

It’s been a while: over the last year I have finished my Master’s degree in Business Communication & Digital Media and wrote a thesis about mobile phone behavior in one-on-one conversations (more specifically, phubbing), I have started working for Heijmans ??‍♀️again, I went on company visits to and Google and I went on some lovely trips to France and Barcelona with Mayk.

Last month I officially graduated as Master of Science ??‍?, so I guess my student days are over… ? This also means that a new chapter of my life will begin. While my thesis deadline was approaching I came in contact with a recruiter about a position as social media manager and I got the job!

Next Monday I will start and next to a short personal update I wanted to share with you my ‘new job prep’ I did and am doing before Monday 😉 Hope you will like it!

xo Saranda

Get your affairs in order

What I mean by this is that it’s a good thing to organise any things you may have been holding off on for a while. For example, it’s nice to clean out your wardrobe and sell or donate old clothes and items that you don’t wear or use anymore. But depending on your situation of course this might also include things such as ending things with your former boss in a professional and nice way.

I, personally, specifically cleaned up and got rit of a lot of clothes!

See your friends

Depending on the hours you are going to work this might be the last couple of weeks that you have more free time. So now you are still able to see friends that do not yet have a fulltime job either. Go for a nice lunch with your best friend or go on a day trip to a city in your country. Just relax, catch up and enjoy!

What I did was meet up with my bestie, had dinner at my parents and went to Amsterdam with a good friend from uni. But I also went back to uni for an afternoon of chatting and laughing.

More about that… ??‍♀️

Really take your time and relax! Besides that it’s good to get your affairs in order, it is also the right time to do the things you want to do and relax. Watch that movie or binge watch that series, get creative, play your favourite game and cuddle with your pet. Go for a last day trip with your significant other, visit family. Really just do anything that you want to do and go into your new job in a relaxed and well-rested state.

For example, I tried to catch up on my favourite series, had an extensive facial treatment and hey, I wrote a blog again! ?

Schedule and plan ahead

In the weekend decide what you are going to wear to your first day, what you are going to bring, how late you have to get up and how late you have to leave et cetera. Think ahead about your weekly planning a bit. For example, when will you get groceries or when will you wash your clothes. Simple things, but it might give you peace of mind to know when you will have the time for these things.

Don’t get too nervous

Healthy nerves are okay, but don’t be too nervous. You might have negative thoughts and you may doubt yourself whether you will be able to prove you’re worth. I know I have these moments of insecurity at times. But don’t worry, your first month can be seen as a time of transitioning into your new position and company. You don’t have to excel right from the start ☺️

For me it’s good to keep busy doing nice things so that I don’t have too much time to worry.

On the day itself…

Just be on time, be yourself, try not to forget the names of the people on your team and just soak up all the newness! At least, that is my plan.

Good luck business woman! ?? Please wish me luck as well ??‍♀️




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