Interior: Bedroom goals with my new Simba Matras

simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better9
Ciao dearies!

A couple of weeks ago me and my love turned our whole home upside down as we had to refurbish our bedroom. We were waiting for a new mattress by Simba Matras and with this mattress being sightly bigger than the one we previously had we needed to see what our new interior would become.

Firstly we started with a huge cleaning session and after that we started moving the furniture like the closet, my clothes rack and the dressoir you can see in the picture above.

” Sleep better, whatever your sleeping pattern.”

By now we are sleeping in our ‘new’ bedroom and our new mattress for a couple of weeks and I sleep so much better! It took a couple of nights to get used to our new mattress but by now I really notice the difference. I sleep way better and more deeply, I don’t wake up as much during the night anymore and I feel more energetic in the mornings! Besides this I just get happy from spending more time in my bed, which was not the case before receiving the Simba Matras as I had a mattress that gave me lower back pains. Did you know that we actually had a bed with two separate mattresses so we had this huge gap in between us most of the time, let me tell you, that’s not cool!

Let me show you my bedroom! And don’t forget to leave me a comment, maybe you have some tips / ideas how to make my bedroom even prettier? 🙂


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Our new Simba matras, it actually feels as good as it looks 🙂 By the way the mattress is pretty photogenic! As you can see the mattress looks pretty nice without cover and bedding haha.
simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better4 simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better

View from the bed. I want to create visually more space on the dressoir by organising my make-up better. I’d also love to have a couple of posters or pictures on this wall to cover up the holes where our closet was connected to the wall before.

simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better4simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better4

And maybe above the head end of the bed a big poster as well? I’d like to have a quote or something that underlines the comfort of our new bed and redesigned bedroom 🙂

simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better4simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better4

And last but not least my overcrowded clothes rack – insert monkey with covered eyes emoji here. simba matras bedroom interior sleeping better

I can’t wait to tell you more about my new mattress next week when I’ll share a full review and where I’ll tell you more about the benefits I am noticing from my better sleep. If you have any questions I’d love to answer them for you!



  1. Claudia Struijck May 27, 2017

    Dat matras ziet er erg comfy uit en ik hoop dat je rugpijn over gaat. Een goed matras is enorm belangrijk voor een goede nachtrust!

  2. Volgmama May 27, 2017

    Ziet er goed uit dat matras! Een goede nachtrust is erg belangrijk.

  3. Astrid van Os-Cornelissen May 27, 2017

    Wat een mooi matras. De kleur op je muur vind ik ook echt gaaf!

  4. Serafina May 27, 2017

    Je hebt een leuke stijl van slaapkamer.. En inderdaad een goede matras is erg belangrijk.. X

  5. Cynthia Spencer May 27, 2017

    Het vloerkleed voor de kast, in combinatie met de vloer spreekt mij aan. Ik ben benieuwd naar jouw bevindingen.

  6. Amanda Wiegman May 27, 2017

    Oehh, dat bed ziet er heerlijk uit! Ik kan me voorstellen dat het wel even wennen was, maar wat fijn dat je al zoveel beter slaapt. Zoiets kan echt het verschil maken!

  7. Judith - PinkPress May 27, 2017

    Got the mattress dor my daughter and it sleeps wonderful. Love the greenish wall

  8. Anouk Vriezen May 28, 2017

    I love the green wall. These matrasses you can order online are great, I got a similar mattrass and never slept better

  9. layla May 29, 2017

    Een nieuw matras is altijd even wennen. Ik heb er veel over gehoord over het merk.


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