Beauty: Madara Multimasking

Madara Multimasking beauty detox hydrating

Ciao dearies!

Today I want to tell you about my latest beauty secret! Lately I have discovered Madara Multimasking, a masking routine which you can adapt to your needs and wishes. Which is pretty much perfect, as my skin’s situation and quality various a lot depending on the weather, my health, hormones at cetera.

Let’s just say, today my face felt a bit dry on some spots while most of my skin was on the edge of breaking out due to the hot weather at the moment. Time to pull out the big guns!

There are a couple of different ‘ Spa treatments’ you can give yourself with the Madara Multimasking range, which you can find on their website. I decided to go for the Super Detox masking routine as was looking to cleanse and especially balance my skin.


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For the Super Detox Multimasking I used four different Madara products, as seen above.

Here is my face before the Madara Multimasking routine:
Beauty Madara Multimasking

So the first step I for the Super Detox was the AHA Peel mask. As Madara says: “This active AHA peeling mask provides instant radiance with a nature’s superpose of active acids.” 
Madara Multimasking beauty peel

Leave the peeling mask on for 3 to 10 minutes and wash your face. Next step is the Oil to Milk scrub, my personal favorite. I have this product for a long while already and it’s a soft and mild scrub which does the trick perfectly! Sadly the tube is almost empty already 🙁 Time to run to the Vitaminstore asap.

Madara says the following about the Oil to Milk scrub: “Forget harsh scrubs – this luxurious and rich oil-based exfoliating formula smoothly transforms into a delicate milk to gently cleanse, soften and renew the skin without stripping natural moisture.” 
Madara Multimasking beauty oil to milk scrub

After the scrub it’s time for the final step, where I need to combine the Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask with the SOS Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra mask as shown on this explanation from Madara:

Madara Multimasking super detox

According to Madara the DETOX mud mask absorbs pollutants and impurities, helps to reduce inflammation and prevents breakouts. While the new SOS Mask provides strong skin moisturizing, conditioning, toning, smoothing and antioxidant effects, and also protects the skin from environmental damage and premature ageing.
Madara Multimasking beauty detox Madara Multimasking beauty SOS hydra

After the multimasking routine my skin is feeling super soft and healthy. It also has a nice natural glow and color. I finished the multimasking with a moisturiser tester I have from Madara which is the Deep Moisture Fluid.

Here is my face after the Madara Multimasking routine:
Madara Multimasking beauty after

Trying out this multimasking routine was fun to do – besides being super relaxing and of course good for my skin – and I can’t wait to try out one of the other routines from the Ultimate Guide to Masking by Madara!

What is your skin routine when it comes to peeling, scrubbing and detoxing? 🙂