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am-i-a-feminist-santa-clara-lidl2 Hi loves,

Lately I’ve been sometimes having my feminist feelings come into play. I have never been much of a feminist, except for the wish and desire that women should be treated equally. However with all that is going – elections and all that shit – this feeling is getting more intense. Being a girl boss and a strong, healthy and independent woman who can take good care for herself is one of the things I feel very strong about. It’s become very important for me but I have also seen that other women my age care for this more and more.

We talk about terms like #girlboss daily and read blogposts about: “How to become a #girlboss?” and more…

This Christmas we get a new ally in our pursuit of becoming a power woman: Lidl’s Santa Clara! Who would have thought? Lidl actually thinks it’s time for the women to be put in the spotlight this Christmas, and therefore Lidl presents Santa Clara! Check out the video after the read more button!

Baci, Saranda

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As Lidl says in their Christmas commercial this is for all the mothers, ladies, christmas cookie bakers and for all the daughters, ma’ams, the girls and christmas makers. We woman do a lot of stuf for the holidays: getting the house Christmas ready, bake cookies, cook dinner, buy gifts. Hey, I’m not saying men do not do a lot of things as well. But a feminine character to look up to is always nice!

Us women we should be proud on ourselves, stand up for our rights and spread the message of equality! Just as Lidl does with the introduction of Santa Clara!

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Lidl, but all thoughts are my own.



  1. Ellie Maple Syrup & Teacups December 11, 2016

    I loved this! There is so much pressure on women to be the perfect housewife, mother, girlfriend, cook, caregiver etc… but if you stand up and say I want a great career, I have valid opinions and I don’t want kids right now then people think you’re an attention seeker or over-opinionated.

  2. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew December 12, 2016

    Being a girl is hard sometimes due to previous traditions! Now that I’m out of school I’m so excited to run stuff and be the #girlboss I’m supposed to be


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