Saturday night drinks: INK Hotel cocktail challenge


Hello loves,

With the cold wind outside it’s the perfect moment to tell you about a cocktail challenge I had a while ago! In collaboration with INK hotel Amsterdam and their bar Pressroom Amsterdam (which is located in a very old former printing office) I took on the big challenge to create the perfect fall / winter cocktail. The task? Using a secret wintery ingredient. Well I’ll just be honest, my mind instantly screamed: APPLE PIE! And so here it is, my cocktail, the DiSaranda Originale, a Disaronno Apple Pie cocktail.

First step when you are creating your own cocktail? Figuring out which liquors go well together and how you want your cocktail to look and taste. So I went on a little inspiration trip through google, my cocktail books and my liquor collection.

Before I’ll start I am going to be completely honest with you. I don’t drink a lot and I don’t drink often but I always love a good cocktail, or 2, or 3. Having a drink is no problem and it can be the best thing sometimes to just kick back and enjoy a good glass of wine or a cocktail. However, always drink responsible and if you ever feel like you might have a drinking problem, talk to someone and get help.


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Let me show you some of the inspiration I had, from cocktails with bourbon to the eventual cocktail with Disaronno…


With my inspiration in the back of my head I came to the following recipe:

  • 40ml brown rum
  • 40ml triple sec
  • 40ml apple juice
  • 20ml Disaronno
  • 20ml sugar syrup (you can make this at home or buy it in the better liquor stores)
  • cinnamon powder (thanks to the feedback I learned I can also use cinnamon syrup. Because cinnamon powder can make a wet drink taste very dry weirdly enough ;))
  • a slice of apple on the rim
  • a cinnamon stick as a garnish
  • ice

Making the cocktail is pretty simple actually. Scoop your shaker full with ice, put all the liquors, juices and syrups in the shaker. Shake shake shake 😉 Now it’s time to get your glass ready. With a lemon or lime part wet the rim of you glass and roll the rim of your glass through cinnamon sugar. Pour your cocktail in a cognac glass with ice, preferably one large ball and garnish with an apple slice and a cinnamon stick.

Your cocktail is now ready to serve! Bottoms up 😉

Unfortunately my cocktail was not the best but I absolutely think the cocktail that won deserved it so much! It was a cocktail with stewed pears and it was actually a non-alcoholic cocktail. Congrats to the winner!! Her cocktail will be a monthly special in the Pressroom bar!

I had a lot of fun creating my own cocktail and I loved learning about some new techniques during the cocktail workshop. Thanks to INK hotel for this amazing experience!

inkhotel-cocktail-challenge-saturday-night-drinks2 inkhotel-cocktail-challenge-saturday-night-drinks1 inkhotel-cocktail-challenge-saturday-night-drinks3

Creating my cocktail during the event.


My cocktail is the fourth from the right, the one in the cognac glass 🙂



  1. radiatefashion November 27, 2016

    Dit klinkt lekker zeg! 🙂

  2. Michaele November 27, 2016

    That actually sounds really tasty to me, I mean your cocktail! I think that it’s always a bit unfair to base a pick on someone’s taste 🙂 It must have been a lot of fun tho!

  3. Jasmin N November 27, 2016

    This all sounds like so much fun! I definitely need to look if there’s anything like this happening where I live, that’s so cool!

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. Ron November 27, 2016

    Thanks for the recipe and I’m sure you had a lot of fun creating this. I would love to try this soon so I’ll look around for ingredients. I might have to make this for a holiday party! Saving the recipe.

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  5. Maikel Kerseboom November 27, 2016

    Babe what a great cocktail! Looks so delicious

  6. Karoliina Kazi November 27, 2016

    This looks and sounds so delicious! Great cocktail! Well done xx

  7. Sarah | LavenderLife November 28, 2016

    Looks like a delicious cocktail! Will try the recipe 🙂

  8. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew November 28, 2016

    Drinks on drinks on drinks! I’m definitely trying this recipe for the holiday season!

  9. Борка Шаула November 28, 2016

    I had no idea making a cocktail is so simple. Also for all the ones that don’t drink alcohol there’s a lot of recipes that don’t include alcohol, so we can all enjoy in them. I also love to drink red wine, it always makes me feel like I’m some french movie.


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