Retro vibes – Outfit post


Morning babes,

As you are reading this I am probably rushing to go to the train to a meeting in Amsterdam. Why you might ask yourself? Well I have another super fun and pretty important meeting going on in Rotterdam starting around 12:00. Which means I only have one hour for my meeting in Amsterdam before I have to go to Rotterdam.. Rush rush 😉

Lucky me it’s all fun and cool stuff for the blog and a little fun fact, I am actually seeing my girl T (Taria-Ann) three days in a row this week! Which is perfect as starting next week, *drumroll* I am starting at my new job! Yay, I am so excited! But for now I am making the most of my last week full of me-time, aka blog stuff! 🙂

Retro vibes

So here is an OOTD full of Retro vibes – like the retro scooter –  which I shot a while ago when I went touring on Django with Jamie from the Girls Behind the Camera! Tomorrow we are having the moment of truth concerning the #djangotakesyouthere campaign, where I will hear if I won! Fingers crossed I will get to keep my retro beauty…

Lot’s of fun things going on! Stay tuned babes, I have sooo much content ready for you all!

XO Saranda

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