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Happy Monday babes!

I have always been a huge music lover, from R&B to Hard rock and Hardcore. I have listened to many different music styles and at times I can still enjoy more alternative music styles! Being a huge music lover as me I’m always looking for the best possible sound quality when it comes to headphones and earphones!

A couple of years ago I actually won a Sennheiser headphones at a blogger event. They are my absolute favourite so far, especially for longer trips! However the headphones are pretty big and they are not wireless! So when I got the chance to try out these wireless earphones by Sudio Sweden I was super curious! Will these earphones be my new go to ones?

By now I have been able to try them out for a couple of weeks and the earphones came at exactly the right time! I could even listen to my favourite songs while driving on my Peugeot Django Scooter! The sound quality is very good for a wireless connection, the buttons are easy to operate, the battery lasts very long and I am loving the look of these earphones as well. Did you see the little rosé gold details?!

Curious to try these beauties out?! You can now get 15% off by using the code ‘Saranda15’ at checkout!


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  1. Ivana Jeknić October 31, 2016

    Definitely need to check them out, love how they are designed, and also it is great that sound is perfect. Thanks for sharing xo

  2. Sonja October 31, 2016

    Love them! Beautiful designed and the sound is just perfect!

  3. Sarah | LavenderLife November 1, 2016

    They’re looking so much better than the regular Apple ones!

  4. Sidney Aldaine November 1, 2016

    I recently bought Shure’s, but when they, I’ll try these bad boys for sure.

  5. Sarah Champ November 1, 2016

    Oh wow those look cute! Perfect being wireless too, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Sarah Pears

  6. Trinity November 1, 2016

    Very convenient, indeed! They look very well-designed and so stylish! Are they compatible with every mobile phone?

  7. So far so Sabine November 1, 2016

    I have a pair too and I absolutely love them!
    Xo Sabine

  8. Kitty Limon November 1, 2016

    these are the most adorable headphones, I’d worry about losing them though because I’m not good with wireless things. lol

  9. Tabitha Shakespeare November 1, 2016

    These are amazing! Traveling all the time with a baby these would make my life so much easier! Not to mention they’re beautiful!

  10. AdventureFaktory November 2, 2016

    They look so classy! It’s like mini-frends earphones!

  11. DhiniNL | Dhinivh November 4, 2016

    wat prachtig klassiek earphones


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