Layering for fall – Outfit post


Good morning loves,

As fall is coming up pretty quickly, it’s time to get layering for fall! I have already bought some gorgeous fall and winter pieces I can not wait to show you! One of the things being a cami dress I bought. Sometimes you see this new trend coming back from the 70’s/80’s/90’s whatever and even though you are not completely sure how it’s going to work out with your figure, you have to try it out!

And so last week I gave the cami over t-shirt trend a chance! I shopped a simple tricot navy came dress at H&M and paired it with a white tee by VILA with navy velvet print. To be honest, I still wasn’t sure about the look at this point… But, as soon as I paired the layered outfit with the right boots, in this case ankle boots with a seventies heel, I really liked it!

I finished the look with some pastel details, as hey, right now it’s still summer! My favourite pastel pink sunglasses by Andy Wolf Eyewear, my Daniel Wellington watch, and a delicious sorbet ice-cream!

Let me hear your thoughts on this outfit 🙂


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