Beauty: BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect review

BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect ST387E review stijltangstore

Hi everyone,

Today I am sharing my review of the BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect ST387E which left me with silky smooth straight hair!

About one and a half weeks ago I received a package from the Stijltangstore of Coolblue. I normally do not straighten my hair but sometimes I like it when my hair matches my outfits, especially in case of and edgy look or a very chique look. So when I got the opportunity to review this beauty of a straightener I went for it!

I received the Bayliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect ST387E and I have straightened my hair multiple times already. So far I have not run into issues or any cons. Let me tell you a bit more about this product!

BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect ST387E

This straightener has two smooth diamond ceramic plates of 24 x 120 mm and is suitable to use on wet as well as dry hair. The straightener has ionic technology and is antistatic, my hair is smooth, not frizzy and has a brilliant shine after using the I-Pro 235 Intense Protect. Furthermore the BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intenst Protect has six different temperature settings. With 235 degrees celsius being the highest and 140 degrees celsius being the lowest. As I have very fine and porous hair I only used temperatures 140 and 160 and the straightener did a great job.


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stijltangshop babyliss Paris ST387E review I-Pro 235 Intense Protect4  stijltangshop babyliss Paris ST387E review I-Pro 235 Intense Protect

The straightener came in the, for me, recognizable Coolblue box! Truth be told, my cat likes every box that comes in and as soon as I unboxed the package my cat jumped in and for now this box is his favourite haha 😉

The BaByliss straightener came in a stylish and firm black box with a shiny logo and a shiny photo print of the straightener. In the box you’ll find the manual, guarantee booklet, and a heat resistant mat. Next to the straightener itself of course.

My experience

The BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect ST387E is by far the best straightener I have ever used. Other straighteners made my hair frizzy, static or they were not smooth surfaced and my hair got stuck. So my overal experience with the BaByliss I-Pro 235 Intense Protect is really good!

The straightener is very easy to work with thanks to many things. First of all there is a clear on and off button and there are two buttons for the temperature. One for the intense temperatures 235 and 220 degrees celsius and one for the less harsh and protect mode temperatures 200, 180, 160 and 140 degrees celsius.  Besides this the BaByliss I-Pro 235 has floating plates, comes to temperature quickly and it has a rotating electricity cable.

babyliss i-pro 235 intense protect ST387E review1

As I mentioned earlier so far I have not found any downsides or cons for this product. Honestly, I have never seen my hair this beautiful when I straightened it and the straightness seems to last pretty long as well…


babyliss i-pro 235 intense protect ST387E review before

After straightening

babyliss i-pro 235 intense protect ST387E review after

I am really with this straightener and I would absolutely recommend it! You can shop the BaByliss ST387E at the Stijltangstore of Coolblue!



  1. Amazing post and great item dear.I love babyliss i used already some years ago.
    Wish you have a happy Sunday.

  2. Kaleigh Bulone August 14, 2016

    Love the review! Your hair looks great!!

  3. Amy | Toothbrush Travels August 14, 2016

    Works wonders on your hair! I’m such a sucker for GHD’s – literally had my pair for ten years and they’re yet to break! *touch wood!*

  4. Shuroop August 15, 2016

    Very nice. Need to try it

  5. Charlotte Grace Rickard August 15, 2016

    lovely! love a good pair of hair straightness. my GHDs died last year and I’m still to invest in a decent pair ! I’ll keep these in mind x

  6. Kitty Limon August 15, 2016

    thanks for the review, if my straighteners give out on me I now know what to invest in 🙂

  7. Aurelie August 15, 2016

    My straighteners broke yesterday so your review is coming on a perfect time. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Natasha August 15, 2016

    Nice review, i usually don’t use them but will have on mind;)

  9. Alexandra August 15, 2016

    Awesome! I really needed to buy new straighteners 😀
    Alexandra ~ ArtMandy

  10. Analesha L August 16, 2016

    I love reading reviews on hair straighteners. Such a necessity in a girls life. I’ve never heard of this brand though so I will have to check it out! x

  11. Talia Brooks August 26, 2016

    Love the review, I need to look into buying this straightener!

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