Travel: Places I desperately want to visit

Travel: Places I desperately want to visit

Ciao dearies,

As you might know I love to travel and I have already seen some amazing countries and places in my life. But as most of you do, I have a little bit of a travel bucket list with places I desperately want to visit!

This year I am going to cross one of my list, I am not telling you exactly which one just yet, but if you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen some small hints 😉 Where do you think I am going?

However, lets talk about the places I desperately want to visit. Places that everyone needs to have visited once in their lives (if you ask me) but also some maybe more unconventional / specific places. Click on to read more about my must visits and don’t forget to give me tips about which places I definitely should be putting up on this list as well!

I might update this list with YOUR tips, so leave me a comment or shoot me an email at contact @ saranda adriana . com 🙂


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New York

Obviously! Who does not want to visit New York! Since a few friends of me live in the states I really hope to visit New York and the USA this year or maybe during the spring upcoming year! All the friends living in the USA currently I have met during my time in Italy and I miss them all soo much. One of them by the way is actually studying at NYU and the other girls are temporarily or permanently moving to the US for their studies or work. I am so proud of these girls! Hope to see them really soon 🙂


If I am going to visit the states I will probably make a little bit of a round trip as well. As one of the girls mentioned above is from California I will definitely visit that state as well. I can totally see myself rollerblading over the boulevards near the beach, surfing, shopping, chilling and everything. California seems like a perfect place to be if you are looking for a sporty but very blog worthy holiday! 😉

Machu Pichu (Peru)

Early morning in wonderful Machu Picchu

Does this place not look magical?! I think in this case a picture says more than thousand words, I just NEED to visit this place someday!!

Paris – DONE

Little secret, I had never been to Paris before I went there last year to visit Hotel de France Invalides. However I had been to Disneyland for 3 or 4 times already. Shame on me, right?! So Paris has been on my travel list for such a very long time! When I went to Paris I fell so madly in love with the city, so in a pretty short period of time I suddenly visited the city two times! 🙂

Athens (Greece)

When I went to the second year of high school I picked the Gymnasium level which included Greek and Latin. I did this with a reason, when I  went to my first ever holiday to Greece I found out that my name, Saranda, means 40! Crazy coincidence is that I am born on  the 4th of October, which is month number 10. 4 x 10  = Saranda… Okay, I am rambling  here. What I meant to say is that ever since I found out and did the language and mythology study afterwards I fell in love with the country and I have since felt a connection with the country. I have already visited some of the islands but the mainland is still a mystery for me and with all the mythes taking place in Athens and the Acropolis I just want to go there and take it all in!

Raja Ampat (Indonesia) – DONE but need to go again!

Raja Ampat Travel SarandaAdriana Raja Ampat Travel SarandaAdriana Raja Ampat Travel SarandaAdriana

Sometimes a photo, or three, says more than a thousand words. This paradise on earth is not yet known by a lot of tourists and thus is perfect to see how Indonesian island life on the more faraway islands is. People have nearly nothing and live of the land. A must see if you are visiting Indonesia or West-Papua.

Andalusia (Spain)

Sun and sea. Andalusia is one of the most sunny areas in whole Europe and for the last few years I never really had a beach holiday where it was all about relaxing. Not only is Andalusia the perfect place for a beach holiday, it also has some amazing sights and nature! For example the kings pathway where you walk along a gorge, gorgeous castle’s and churches in the cities and of course, delicious tapas everywhere!

Saranda (Albania)

I don’t think this one needs explaining, does it? Saranda is a town on the coast of Albania, right across the coast of the gorgeous Greek island Corfu. And as it is my name-town, I just have to visit it one day!

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