Personal: Random thoughts and all about being AFK

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Hi babes,

It has been a while again and today I want to tell you about about all the things I have been up to lately. Because, heck, I have been so super busy! So busy that I felt like I needed to put my blog aside for a little while, to really focus on the opportunity I got.

I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t be telling you exactly what I have been up to. But I can tell you that this opportunity really came at the right time for me. A time where I was contemplating what I really wanted to do and than that thing sort of just came a long..

Never would I have thought that it would happen in this way though, but I am happy that it did! So far I have been putting so much energy in this project already, and so far it has already been a lot of fun, while it actually will get more fun, I think! And I can not wait to be able to show it to you and tell you more about it!

But let’s continue. I have been away from the keyboard for a while. I haven’t blogged since the beginning of january and I actually also neglected my social media. Let me tell you why….

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I think I already told you a bit about it in this blogpost, after working hard and always being online, I needed some me-time and some HQ time with my family.

Even now I still feel like I need that piece of me-time. I have been AFK from Instagram for something like 3(!) weeks. Which is really freaking long. But when babe Taria-Ann from Survivor on Stiletos invited me to come with her to a really cool event I started thinking. Isn’t my blog and the social media around my blog, isn’t that my thing? My hobby? My space to do whatever I want, and share with you whatever I think is cool or fun? Is it not that doing the thing I love, is me-time?

– At the Josh V HQ party & fashionshow!

Josh V HQ party outfit

Well I think it is. But for a while, it did not feel like it was me-time. I felt like it was time I should schedule, something that needed to be done. I don’t know how or when it happend, but for a while my blog and the social media channels felt a bit like an obligation. I just did not feel like it.

And now, since I went to that really nice event with Taria-Ann, where I saw some of my other blogger friends as well, I feel like it again! But I just have no idea where to start, how to start back up and how to get on track again.

So here it is. Me just pouring my heart out to you and I am ready to get back into that blogging saddle!


  1. Sandrina Walgaard February 2, 2016

    Yay, there she is again??

  2. Laurence February 26, 2016

    Super gaaf at the Josh V show! X


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