Italian food: pasta Carbonara at Vapiano

Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

Ciao tutti!

Oggi / today I want to talk to you about good – real good – Italian food!
I love Italy and I won’t be lying as I said that I almost love every Italian dish… I am a big fan of the Italian kitchen. From Pizza & Pasta Bolognese, to a nice risotto or the perfect vermicelli dish.

I would not be lying either when I would say that most of the people I know love my Lasagna’s and my pesto pasta salad was pretty popular during the Christmas dinner.
Okay I’ll stop bragging ’bout it!

Today I want to tell you a bit about the various ways to make a good and delicious pasta Carbonara. With some tips from a Vapiani (a pasta chef at Italian Fresh-Fast-Food chain Vapiano).


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Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

At Vapiano all the pasta’s are handmade and fresh. They make their own pasta from a-z and with this they can achieve the best quality pasta! Vapiano has it’s own pasta makers which are pretty impressive to see!

Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

Their pantry also shows almost only fresh ingredients! I don’t think a dish would sparkle that much joy, deliciousness and freshness if it wasn’t for the fresh and healthy ingredients they use at Vapiano.

Look at this pasta! Yummmm <3
Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

Together with a chef at Vapiano we got the opportunity to make our own pasta. Me and my boyfriend love to cook so I decided to bring him with me for this fun event!

Here we are behind the counter at our own cooking isle for the evening. First we got an introduction to the kitchen and how they work at Vapiano. Second we got a little bit of a lesson in creating a good pasta Carbonara, or a Bolognese. As we both love a good pasta Carbonara we – strangly – both decided to make a Carbonara.

Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

Time to cook! At Vapiano we used a cream sauce for the Carbonara base. First we started with baking the bacon until it started to get crispy. Than we added some onion (which I normally never add to my own pasta Carbonara recipe) followed by a big scoop of cream sauce. When the sauce started thickening we put in some extra grated cheese – yumm! Final step: adding your desired pick of pasta and topping it off with a well amount of black pepper.


Our pasta Carbonara’s were pretty much delicious! I make a lot of pasta Carbonara myself (from scratch, no sauce or cream what so ever) and I really did learn a lot during our cooking workshop at Vapiano. First I always had a tendency to be impatiented with the bacon (never did that anymore) and now I use way more grated cheese and pepper! So bad but soooo good haha! I’ll share my own little recipe with you soon, but this, was pretty much a perfect pasta Carbonara!

Vapiano pasta carbonara italian food fresh

Thanks to Vapiano & IMAGE Amsterdam.

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  1. Sandrina Walgaard February 3, 2016

    Dat ziet er heerlijk uit??


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