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Ciao dearies,

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about skincare. Since I have turned 25 last year I am more invested in my skincare routine than I used to be. I always used various products and I did not really have daily products or a daily routine at all.

When the end of 2015 came closer I decided it was time to treat my skin better and to create a full morning routine with a big part especially focussed on my skinscare. And so when I got the opportunity to test the Clarisonic Mia2 I did not hesitate!

The Clarisonic Mia2 promises to clean 6 times better than cleaning your face with your hands alone. The brush-head doesn’t rotate but instead it moves by sonic pulses that create more than 300 movements per second, impressive! Here we go.

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The Clarisonic Mia2 comes in a box which explains the function of the device. In the box you will also find a charger with a sort of magnetic charging head and a sample of Clarisonic’s own refreshing gel cleanser.

This Clarisonic has two different speeds but I personally like to use only the slower speed.

skincare routine clarisonic mia2 skincare routine philosophy purity

By now I have used the Clarisonic Mia2 from the beginning of January, so more than a month. I used my Clarisonic with the regular brush head, which is perfect for a normal to sensitive skin, and my favorite cleanser Purity from Philosophy. If you have a really sensitive skin I would recommend trying the special brush head for sensitive skin.

At first I noticed that my skin sometimes was a little bit irritated after using, but it takes some cleansing session for your skin to get used to the Clarisonic. Also I got some minor break-outs during the first couple of weeks around my nose and chin.

What I loved most about the Clarisonic is the integrated T-timer. A timer which practically tells you when to clean which part of your face. You first start out with cleansing your chin and nose for 20 seconds, than you move on to your forhead which you clean for another 20 seconds, and last you finish with your cheeks, 10 seconds on each cheek. The T-timer feels very intuitive and makes perfect sense, it feels like a natural routine and thanks to the t-timer you won’t over do the cleansing on your sensitive cheeks.

Another thing I loved about the Clarisonic is the brush head, using the Clarisonic does not only clean your face it also stimulates your skin and leaves your skin with a healthy glow after using it.

Since using the Clarisonic I have less break-outs and a better skin. My skin is softer than ever. I also noticed that whenever I use the Clarisonic less consistent, for example when I skip using the Clarisonic only two times, my skin instantly responds. My skin feels less soft and I got breakouts on my chin almost instantly.

This long month of using the Clarisonic changed my skincare routine and I can’t immagine cleansing my face without the Clarisonic Mia2 anymore!

Do you have an electronic facial cleanser? Or have you always wanted to try one? Let me know in the comments!




  1. Stephanie Hartley February 17, 2016

    Oooooh I really want to try this! I love the sound of the different timer settings to make sure that you don’t overdo your sensitive areas.

    Steph –

  2. Kitty Limon November 16, 2016

    been wanting to try this is in a while but never gotten around to it, i think your review just swayed me thanks 🙂


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