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Ciao loves,

New years is getting closer and closer. While everyone is making plans for the new year a lot of bloggers, influencers and brands are doing the same. Figuring out the new strategies for the new year and figuring out what the next step will be. Perhaps even making work of international ambitions!

Well me and my boyfriend have those international ambitions and I know a lot of people in my environment who have these dreams as well. Here are some of the things I think you’ll need to look at before going international 🙂


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1. Life is much easier if you speak the language. If you can’t speak fluently make sure you can at least conversate on a basic level with partners, international colleagues and everyone else you might meet. I think this is really important, as communication is key!

2. Be open and broaden your network, get to know the right people by socializing and going out. If you are a blogger for instance you can sign up for a blogger network in your new country and get to know bloggers from that country. Besides this lots of cities have websites where you can find various events and parties for international students and expats. Make new friends and enjoy the first steps of your international career!

3. As I said earlier be open to new things. I think this is really important as you might have to deal with culture differences. Sometimes this means having to work around these differences. Besides this, often culture differences can be found not just cross-country but within regions of a country as well. When you are open to the culture, the people and of course the different food your experience will only get better and better!

anna+nina international ondernemen ING sponsored video

4. Live a little, although you are in another country for business or work, try to also enjoy the things another city and country has to offer you! Find your favorite hotspots, do some touristy stuff but get of the beaten path as well. Make your new or temporary hometown your home away from home!

5. Make sure you know how to represent yourself, and your brand in the international market. This can be hard but thinking about how you see your brand and how you want others to see your brand can give you new ideas. So get that inspiration flow going! Who know’s what kind of amazing ideas you might get!

6. Take on every interesting opportunity. Say yes and let yourself be suprised by what can come out of new and unexpected things.

7. Last, but certainly not least: make sure you have everything arranged with your bank.

Get in contact with someone who can help you with this process. If you are a brand or webshop for example, make sure you get all the information you need about exporting your goods internationally. Did you know there is an app for that for us Dutchies? 😉 Check out the NL Exporteert app from ING

If you are a blogger doing business with international partners make sure you know how this works with taxes. And if you are emigrating make sure you have got a new bank account in the country you are moving to.

Do you have any tips of your own? Share them with me by leaving a comment 🙂

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by ING, but all thoughts are my own.


  1. Yolanda Rapp December 18, 2015

    Hi Saranda!! I’m Yoli based out of NYC working feverishly trying to get my blog up by year end. I have been checking out your blog because I think you cover great topics and do a great job of tying in the imagery. Well I felt compelled to tell you that after reading point number one where you said conversate as opposed to converse you just gained a life long follower 😉 I say that all the time!!!! Thanks so much for being so generous with all your advise. Happy Holidays and safe travels!!!

    • Saranda Walgaard January 6, 2016

      Hi Yolanda, thank you so much for your comment! Really appreciate it! Happy to have you as a follower, it’s so nice to read that people like my blog and my writing, so thanks again 😉 Hope you have had lovely holidays with your friends and family!

      Make the best of 2016 and I hope you will like the upcoming blogs for this year as much as you liked this one!

      xoxo Saranda


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