Top 5 upcoming trends this fall


Ciao dearies,

Last Wednesday I already shared some of my dream fall outfits with you in the Pinspiration blogpost! Today I am talking about fall fashion again, this time about my personal top 5 upcoming trends for this fall!

Let’s start with my number 5 and count down to my absolute favorite trend 🙂
Here we go!!

On fifth place: (faux) Fur
Furry jackets, gilets or stole’s are perfect for the fall winter season, warm and super fashionable. A trend that has returned now for several years. I personally love fur, however I like to stay mindful when buying fur. A lot of fur gathering is not done free of pain and I do love animals. That’s why I tend to look to brands that get their fur from farms where the animals have lived a long life or where the fur is a leftover product from the meat productions.

What do you think of fur?! Read on for the rest of my top 5 upcoming trends this fall…


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Fourth place: Mini-skirts

After the maxi and the midi skirts the mini skirt is making a comeback! I have never stopped wearing short skirts but I think it’s an interesting thing to see for the fall! The mini skirt is a very easy item to wear as it comes in various models. For example the denim a-line skirt with buttons shown above or the suede one from Zara. Wear the skirts with high boots, ankle boots or go casual with a sneaker. In the fall a thin panty will do and in the winter you can rock your miniskirt by wearing a thicker pantyhose.

Thirth place: Flared

Again we see a switch happening. From the tight skinny jeans we all love to a gorgeous low- or mid-waist flared jeans. There are a lot of different flared jeans out there. Think of a simple bootcut jean which is fitted until the upper calves and flares out from there or an extreme flared jeans which is normal / a bit loose until around the knees and flares out from there. I think that there is a perfect flared jeans out there for every body type! Personally I would go for a mid-waist fitted bootcut or flared jeans. With this trend keep in mind that the jeans most of the times are longer than normal jeans due to the flare. Get your flared jeans tailored if it is too long as this will not look pretty! 🙂

Second place: Victorian style

On second place of my top 5 upcoming trends this fall is the Victorian style trend. This season we will see a lot of lace, chiffon, ruffles and also high necks. I think this is a really feminine trend which can be worn in a really cute way or in a more fierce way as well! Think of wearing a chiffon blouse with ruffles with a black jeans and a leather jacket. Or wear a chiffon ruffled skirt with a sweater and fierce ankle boots. We will also see a lot of sweaters and blouses with high necks. For example in a turtle neck or a shawl attached to a blouse. I really am digging this trend!

And on the first place, drumroll please: the fall colors

Above all the trends I like the fall colors best! I am in love with Burgundy and Navy, 2 of the trend colors for upcoming fall. Not only do I love these colors but they also seem to look good on me, as they give me more color. Besides Burgundy and Navy we will also see a lot of Khaki / Army green colors, soft old pink and purples.

I am already looking forward to fall! How about you?

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