Top 5 favorite things to do to relax

– or to clear my head, besides blogging of course 😉
Top 5 favorite things to do to relax dutch blogger sarandaadriana lifestyle

Ciao dearies,

Wow it has been a while, have I already told you that I sometimes seem to suck at blogging?! 😉

Well I am back, again! And I gathered a whole bunch of content to share with you, so I’ll guess that I will stick around a bit longer this time haha.

First up I want to start with sharing my top 5 favorite things to do to relax. I suck at relaxing I can tell you that, this girl right here is one big stress head, no joke. So all this time I did not blog and write, I was stressing about not blogging haha. Why don’t you just blog than?! Good question.

Okay here we go. My top 5 favorite things to do to relax, which our 5 things that are desperately needed!


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1. Watching series / movies on Netflix.

We all know the Netflix addiction right?! The one where you turn on your tv and put on Netflix and you just start binge watching whatever series Netflix suggests to you?

I can tell you I follow an awful lot of series, Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Game of Thrones, Scandal, Suits, Once upon a time, Homeland, Switched at Birth, Orphan Black, you name it!

Lately I discovered some new series, must watch (if you ask me) are Beauty and the Beast, Sense 8 and the Returned. And I rediscovered Charmed, which I am re-watching all over. I am now already at season 5 and I really don’t want to reach season 8 too soon.

When I am not watching series I will probably be doing one of the other things of this top 5 or when I am on the road I love listening to intriguing podcasts, like Serial! Mega must listen!

2. Reading

I love reading, a lot, but somehow I can not always find the time. Probably because I am on Netflix too much… At the moment I mostly read magazines like Vogue or Psychology Magazine. But besides this I also really love to read fantasy novels like Game of Thrones, thrillers like the ones from Karin Slaughter or books that teach you something.

On my current books wishlist are the boxset from John Green and the book ‘On Top’ by Anna Nooshin.

3. Games like the Sims

Yep I am a little bit, okay maybe not so little, of a nerd! I love playing games. Mostly I love playing games like Sims, Simcity, Rollercoaster Tycoon or cute and easy games like Peggle. On my phone and iPad you can also find some games, like Fruit Ninja, Minion Rush, Mahjong, Sims Freeplay, Another Case, Plants VS Zombies and Skyward.

Oops ^^

4. Photography

This one is super relaxing for me. Just picking up the camera, putting on my shoes and go outdoors to take photos. Or maybe have a whole indoor photoshoot with my cute cat Nobu. Everything is possible and I decided what I want to create or capture.

I just love it.

5. Hula-hooping & Yoga

Last but not least it is great to relax by working out or getting physically active! The two things I love to do most at this moment is Yoga and Hula-hooping. These ways of physical activity are not super demanding and they both ask for a lot of focus. Perfect for me as focusing on the exercises and my breathing clear my head and really lower my stress levels a lot!

What do you do to relax?!

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